Shift: Time to Get Rich

I woke up, my head still spinning for when i flew into that lamp post, im going to look where i fly for here on. I seem to have woken up quite late, but it doesnt matter, Phase gave me a call, we are going to rob the citys main bank, for not only will we get rich, but we will become recognised by anyone who can afford a T.V, so sadly, none of these guys around where i slept. I decided to ring Phase to find out when we was going to do this

"Sorry, i woke up late" I said after Phase picked up the phone

"About time you woke up, we are outside the bank, make sure your ready, we aint messing this one up, and you arnt going to fix any damages either" replied Phase

I went into bird form, and flew to the bank, my superhuman senses helped me see where Phase was, he was alone. I got out of bird form and landed next to him.

"Just you and me?" I asked

"Do we need anyone else?" answered Phase "All i need you to do is distract the guards, be an elephant or something, smash in the doors, then all the guards will be focused on you"

"Ready then?" i hastily exclaimed

"No... wait for the public to dye down" said Phase calmly

Minutes, probably hours went by, i dont get why Phase wanted to wait before we robbed something it wasnt like him at all. But then he sat up, lets go. Go on boy.

I jumped off the roof, transformed into an elephant and busted down the doors...

The End

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