Matt: Joining Swarm

"One more thing before you make up your mind," Swarm stared at me as if he had won, "all these years you have been searching for me to seek information... if you should succeed, I shall tell you everything," I looked into his eyes. Staying here wouldn't do me any good, I needed to be free to escape. I made up my mind.

"I'll join you Swarm, but how do I know you will keep your deal?"

"Simple, I will tell you little bits as we progress, by the end you will know everything you need to," he turned around and motioned at a guard, "of course we will need to keep that dampener on your head until we can trust you," then he turned around, "oh but there is one thing I can tell you right now, in the facility, we were friends."

My head spun at all these revelations, Illusionist, Swarm, the possibility of knowledge.

A guard places a key in the chains. I rubbed my ankles and wrists to help circulate the blood and he led me through a small corridor into a room.

"You stay here," the guard said, "we will get you when you are needed."

I must have fallen asleep but woke up when I thought I heard a noise. Nothing. The room was simple, a bed, a sink and a door with a slit in the centre.

"Brother!" I heard and jumped off the bed.

"What..?" I was confused now but moved towards the door. I could see eyes looking at me, familiar eyes.

"We've come to get you out!"

"No, you cannot save me, I must stay with him," he looked at me as if I had lost my mind, "I'm close to finding out what happened my brother, I must do just one job for him and then he shall tell me everything!"

"No, you cannot find out like this!"

"Don't worry about me," I smiled and moved to the bed.

The End

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