Talyn: Being followed

The man cowardly gives me the directions  to his Base of operations. I throw him to the ground and kick him unconciousse. Behind my I hear faint footsteps I'm being followed.  By whom I would not know it was to early for back up so I assume it was hostile footsteps so I changed the composistion of the ground to explode under vibration but left a Police marker in the middle with ultravoilet messenge warning ground is a bomb. All police members would know to stay back and most hostiles would foolishly step in to their death. If it was a hero well its his or her problem.

I continued on till I ran into a rather elaborate marble stair case to another nuclear vault.  I melt the lock but only to find out I was using too much energy and my supply of heavy energy drinks are running low. I finished my last supply knowing my exit was going to have to be clean and not full of enemies. I snuck into the almost palace like building it was full of security camera , and more gaurds.  I needed a distraction badly and one came from my booby trap I presume the guards emptied out and I was able to evade the camera's view. Now to find the camera room.

The End

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