Shift: Ouch...

I just had to get out of there, some people these days, who hits someone with a lamp, she looked kind of shocked when she hit me with that lamp and i didnt even flinch, the look on her face was priceless. But anyway, the problem being i have nowhere to go... but i couldnt go back, hmm...

I could just make myself a turtle and and sleep in my shell.

That would be fun.

I went into human form on top of a skyscraper, as i did Phase gave me a call.

"I was watching that 'Felix' she beat you good" he chuckled, after that all i could hear was laughing.

"You would be scared too if what you thought was a bird just exploded into a human" i replied

"Whatever, im in the house now, in another dimension of course, otherwise she would see me" Phase said

"Just leave her alone, ive put her through enough already" i chuckled

"Hmm, whatever" said Phase

He hung up, i wonder if he left, oh well it didnt matter, they started to lose faith in me since i fixed the wall and gave her Felix back anyway. Its like they think im going nice, why the hell would i do that? seriously. Anyway considering im just talking to myself i didnt look infront of me, who put that lampost there...?

Ill just scutter down this back alley and fall asleep, another day on the streets.

The End

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