Shift: Successful Capture

I came to, wonderimg what the hell happened, everything was pitch black. A few holes were in this... container of some sort. All i could hear was cartoons on the T.V unable to use my powers for a short while, i just decided to listen to the T.V for a while.

Then a sudden rush of power ran through me, my powers came back, i was chuffed. The problem is, i could be in a public area, considering that the T.V is on, and that seeing as im a bird, seeing a human burst out of the box they put the bird in isnt exactly... normal. I was a secretive person, i didnt like the fact that people knew i had powers, in fact i didnt like that fact that even Swarm or Phase knew, but they already knew before I did. So i guess that doesnt count.

But anyway, back to the point. Im stuck in a cardboard box, judging by the smell, taste. I could also hear a cat purring. I peeked through one of the holes, it was Felix! I guess im responible for everything bad thats happened to her house, i think im just a bad luck charm, but then again life doesnt exactly go perfectly well all the time.

I guess i had to take the risk and hope that she wasnt in the room, gone to the kitchen for a cup of tea or something. I shifted into my human form, and when i did she saw me and she screamed. I hate my very good hearing, it really hurt my ears.

I had cuts from the glass shards, regardless of not being able to be hurt by man-made objects i still could be wounded, seeing the blood kind of made me feel some sort of pain.

I tried to run away from her, but my leg didnt seem to want to move, and i just collapse, the traquilizer must've numbed my muscles. I couldnt escape. Looks like im going to have to wait.

The End

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