Shift: Attempted Capture

I was flying home, then i realised these men, walking out of Carries house, i didnt like the look of the scientist, not one bit. So i decided to spy on them, from afar, or close up when i felt like it, i switch forms multiple times to avoid suspicion, they only walked several meters away from Carries house, until the scientist told them to stop. He looked up at me, and said in a very hasty voice "Shoot it!"

They attempted to shoot me, not realising im pretty much bullet-proof. There entire town could probably here those gun shots then the scientist, got his gun out.

"This is how its done" he says, then shoots me with a tranquilizer, i was downed in one shot, he got me right in the head. I stumbled down onto the ground with a large thud. I was on a rooftop, so i was fine for the moment. The tranquilzier needed time to go into effect so i had time to run. Seeing as i fell onto the rooftops I had to run over them. The tranquilizer seemed to have disabled my powers, i couldnt shift, i just hope to hell they didnt take my bullet-proof power, other wise im doomed.

But then i felt really dowsy and fell off a roof, and landed in front of it, i smashed my head into the window, it seemed to have broke. I then rushed in to then collapse onto a very familiar feeling couch...

The End

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