Shift: Called Upon

Thats just great, Swarm wants me to meet him, this is going to be brilliant.

I changed to the eagle, i found that the quickest way, i am also thankful that nobody saw me, that would of brought attention i didnt need.

I was flying to my destination, over a forest, then i heard gunshots, god dam hunters! I went down the their level and turned into my origional form, they screamed and ran away, was a funny sight to behold, i smirk have a little laugh, then i go back into bird form, Swarm doesnt like it when im late.

Minutes later I arrived, Swarm was telling me about his old friend, and that they have him captive and everything, he might be joining us,which he said would be a good thing.

"What do you want me for?" I asked, all he did was was give me a huge grin, that guy really confuses me sometimes, but i shouldnt really complain, as he can hurt me it wouldnt be a smart thing to do. He told me to go into the room they held this so called friend of his in, this old guy just turns looks at me for atleast half a second, then just turns back to this captive of theirs. Wonder who he is...

The End

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