Tom: Past Part 3

I trained with Shade for a few minutes, he showed me most of his moves and I had learned them all pretty quick, but due to my learning, I knew how to apply them, when and which ones would make great combos.

Once we'd finished, we continued.

Hunter put his hand out, "stop," he put his ear to the floor.

"What is he doing?" I asked, confused and slightly amused.

He stood up and looked around. Moving towards a wall, he put his ear to it and knocked on it. He moved away, smiling. His hand flicked accross the wall and brushed a brick. The ground beneath our feet rumbled. Part of the tarmac moved aside revealing a large, black hole.


"On it," she looked into the whole, crouching down, "It's not deep, and theres a ladder," she put her foot into the inky sea of black and plunged into it. I followed her. It was pitch black but I could just about make out Vixens shape.

We all followed her and then from the distance we could hear explosions.

We ran then until we reached another ladder.

"Shade, you and I scout ahead, Vixen, Tom, stay here."

Immediately she turned to me, "tell me more," she ordered.

"Fine, well I think I left it with Shade trailing us, when he caught up to us, he couldn't bring himself to turn us in and instead helped us. the Government eventually caught up with many officers who tranquilized us.

"After that all I remember is being in some facility and that there were many more Superhumans around us. They must have erased my memory, however I sometimes have dreams. I think it's my power, memories become ingrained in your brain, my power lets me memorise and learn thing very quickly, so the memories will be in there somewhere. I have to find some way to unlock them, because I have a feeling there were many dangers within that facility.

"Anyway, we woke up in a new house with new foster parents. Life went on like nothing had happened after that. Except Matt could then control his powers and disappeared alot. I became a model student, intelligent whilst being excellent at sports, I was smarter than Matt and as good as him at sports so he got jealous because I became more popular than him.

"He was always bitter about that and used to torment me about his powers but, he mellowed out a little. He also used to be a real ladies man until he met you. I was always akward around girls so he'd tease me about that too so now he sees me as a bit of a rival and wants me to join him to see if he's a better hero than him but, I don't see the point and that angers his still further."

She listened raptly, drinking in my words. Finally my little tale was finished and I wouldn't have to relive it all. It may not sound like much but it was always hard, we were only kids and all that happened to us, things we didn't and still don't understand.

Hunters head popped through the hole.

"All clear, come on!"

The End

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