Matt: Past Part 2

Two boys run through a street. Rain hammers the ground as they move towards an alleyway. From a rooftop a figure appears wearing magicians clothes. He floats off the roof and lands gracefully before them.

"Follow me if you should like to live!" he calls and they do, chasing him through a fretwork of alleyways that ends in a large theatre. Inside the theatre are a semircircle of chairs that descend towards a large pinewood stage and dark, crimson curtains were the same man stands, his hands on his temples, "this shall be your new home," he says and the illusion disappears.

Suddenly the room is full of men and women all chattering about performances and the past. The man extends his arms to them all and they greet him cheerfully as he looks at the children.

"This is your new family, here we have Syphon, he can absorb and give power to people; this is Levi, he has the ability to move objects with his mind; this is Aura, she can influence the mood in her immediate vacinity which can heal; this is Deflector, he can reflect and deflect abilities and weaponry with a wave of the hand; this is Detonate, he has the ability to cause explosions were his mind wills it and-"

"What's going to happen?" the older boy asks.

"You're going to be safe from them here, don't worry, it's what we do best!"

Suddenly there are several performances flashing past, with Illusionist creating fantastic images, Detonate causing large fireworks, Levi making haunting, ghost-like scenes.

Suddenly Syphon stands before the boys, he is tall and old. Then he puts his hand on the older boys head and power surges up his arm, making his feeatures younger, his grey hair becomes auburn and his green eyes less wrinkled. He finishes as Illusionist approaches the boy.

"Syphon absorbed your power, now you should be able to control it however there is always the possibility, due to your age, that it may return."

"What can you do for my brother?"

"We can try and enhance his power if he has one."

Suddenly Syphon is in front of the younger boy, his hand is on his head and as he ejects power into the boy, his features become wrinkled and worn, like a middle-aged man.

Then before he can complete this, several officers enter the theatre.

There is chaos, shooting as the artists try to defend themselves.

Illusionist approaches the boys, he tells them to leave, he will fend them off for as long as he can.

Suddenly Illusionist is standing before a man with glasses and a lab coat.

"You know the deal, if we successfully get the boy, we will let the subjects move to your company, will we need to bring any officers to make it look real?"

"No," Illusionist murmers, "I can make the illusion, just keep your officers trained on the boys, leave the rest to me."

Suddenly Illusionist stands before a thin young man, the young man speaks, his voice high and creepy, "So you will join my cause then will you?"

"They dare to defy me, I shall crush them with my mind, I would join the devil if it meant revenge!"

"We shall need my old enemy however to help us defeat them, his powers are virtually limitless, but tell me, what of your company?"

"I placed Syphon in charge, they have pardoned me for this one adventure."

"It is a pleasure to have you on board, now let us destroy them!"

It was strange to be back in the present, Illusionist's forefinger between my eyes.

"Do you see?" he whispered, "I betrayed you for power, I am so ashamed, I must rectify that mistake."

With that Swarm stared at me, "Shall you join us?"

I hung my head, unable to speak. I didn't know their plan but I had nothing to lose. Maybe I should join my old enemy.

The End

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