Shift: Guilty Conscience

I bet that woman would be lonely without Felix, she treated it like her own... me like her own. I may aswell fix the damages, seeing as, if i get caught, im going to have to anyway. Stupid conscience.

I said to Phase and that other guy I was going for a walk, and waited till she left the house. I went to work on that wall, took me a good hour or so. After that I went to the pet shops, it was closed obviously, but it doesnt matter, they didnt have owners so i doubt the shop owner will care. I found a cat just like Felix and popped him through the window.

To be honest I felt... nice, and i didnt like it, but may aswell get it over with. I was going to knock on her door one day and say that i found Felix but nah, too public for me.

She just got lucky, considering she saved my life, i may aswell return the favour.

I also had a 'persuasive' chat with her land lady, lets just say that she doesnt mind a cat being around in her apartment haha... All in a days work.

The End

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