Frank 'Shift' 'Felix' Normand

We've been watching this girl for a while now, cant believe she called me Felix, the other two wont let it go. She seems to be a healer of some sort, saved my life...

But we have to do this, otherwise ill lose my job.

"What are we after" I asked

"Just wait, im sure it'll come up soon" replied Phase

I hate being this cat, but i like the way she treats me though, considering im human, in cat form because that is my power, im a shapeshifter, i can transform into anything i desire, and im completly immune to any man-made objects such as bullets. If im invincible why dont I take charge the operation they ask, well im not entirely immune to all things, only powers can hurt me. Swarm is always on my back, 'Do this' and 'Do that' if i refused, he puts the most pain ive ever felt into me.

"She isnt in right now, we can show ourselves" I said

We all revealed ourselves, me getting out of that smelly cat form, Phase just came through the wall. Then the new guy just runs through the wall behind him, actually breaking it.

"Fix that will you?" said Phase

"Sorry..." said the new guy

"Idiot" I muttered

"Make it quick she could be back any minute now, we need that necklace of hers" said Phase "Its worth a fortune"

Thats what we were after, a necklace, you see we were theives, we stole things, and the cat in need thing always gets me in. Humans always have to be so heartfelt never knowing what comes next.

"Shes here" I whisper as i go into cat form again

She strokes me behind by ear, so i just pur and rub my head against her hand.

By the time she went to sleep, she took the necklace off, so i swiped it, and we were outta there, peice of cake.

The End

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