Meanwhile in the Governments meeting...

"...They're dangerous, we need to get rid of 'em!"


"Rubbish! Just because a few individuals abuse their powers we shouldn't punish the rest of them, you're prejudice!"

"I'm so sorry I don't like having my mind probed when I walk down the streets or my children are put in fear when some guy who looks like the devil passes him by!"

"Maybe but your ideas are far too harsh, there are some good people out there."

"My sister is a Superhuman, she is the nicest person, she doesn't deserve that!"

"ORDER!" the rowdy crowd quietened, "thankyou, now Doctor Taylor, I believe you already have a solution, do you not?"

"Indeed sir," a tall man appeared wearing a lab coat with black hair and glasses that reflected the light hiding his eyes. His mouth curled up on one side, "for a long time now, I have been researching these so called, superpowered humans. After many years, over a decade now, I have managed to... replicate these powers and use them to aid my research.

"My research is so advanced now I could deploy a whole new police force to put down the superhuman problem if you should grant me the power," he finished.

"We would need to see them first, and then we should put it to a public vote."

"I had the sense to bring one with me," he turned to his side, "Alpha-1, reveal yourself," A bot suddenly fizzled into existence, "They are called superbots, they have one or two powers depending on who they are modelled off but each is built in with the ability to learn at a very fast rate, learning a persons every move plus they are all virtually indestructible."

The crowd muttered in interest.

"The vote will go out almost immediately, if you should succeed, you will have complete control of the situation, I have high hopes for this."

"Yes, very soon the superhuman problem will be well and truly sorted."

The End

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