Tom: Past Part 1

We ran for a while, heading towards a large, abandoned factory. It was perfect for a base, it connected to the mines underneath so the enemy could get almost anywhere undetected, it was huge so you could fit anything in there and it was right next to a power generator meaning he could perform any experiment he wanted, ie the power needed to generate a machine that produces clones.

We were almost there when Vixen stopped us in an alleyway. We had taken to avoiding streets to draw attention away from us. The public were the last thing we wanted to deal with.

"What is it?" Hunter asked.

"It's Shade, I can sense him now, he wants us to stay here whilst he catches up," she seemed to be straining really hard to find out more.

"Emma stop, just wait here and I'll keep a lookout," he touched her shoulder then leapt onto a wall and began running across onto rooftops.

We waited awkwardly for a while until Emma finally broke the silence.

"Please, tell me about your brother," I sighed and leaned against a wall, sliding down till I was sitting, "he's so closed off, he doesn't tell me anything."

"It's not really my place to tell-"

"Why, you went through it too," she argued.

"Because if he wanted you to know he would tell you," she looked at me annoyed, I suddenly got the feeling she could get it from me anyway if she wanted, "fine," I muttered and she sat down next to me.

"Where did it start?"

"When he was seven, I was five so I didn't really know what was going on, but our father, he was violent, agressive and used to hit my mother and Matt, he saw Matt as a threat or something because he wasn't scared, just angry. He erm, he never hit you did he?" I wondered anxiously.

"Sort of, just once. He got drunk, came home. We had a silly fight and he accidentally blasted me with his power. Oh, don't be worried, he was so ashamed afterwards that I couldn't stay angry," I gritted my teeth but continued.

"One day they had a particularly nasty row, our mother had become distant and cold so she stayed out of it, but Matt got so angry, his power manifested and he blew the house up...

"...the police chalked it up to some sort of gas explosion, Matt survived of course though the power he expelled knocked him unconcious so he didn't arouse suspicion, out parents were dead and I was outside playing...

"...after that we went from foster home to foster home and wherever we went there were reports of explosions and "poltergeist activity" when he used his kinetic powers, he couldn't control it because he was so powerful. But that caught the Governments attention and they began watching us.

"It was I who figured it out. There was this white van always across the road from our house. And always they would try to pass it off as door-to-door salesmen. But when they came to us, selling childrens clothes, they asked to come in, asked to see us.

"They did and then left but didn't move. I told Matt of my suspicions, he was 13 at the time and he said he knew it was the Government and that we had to run away. Onyl 11 at the time I was pretty impressionable, I held my brother in awe, so we ran away together.

"The Government knew and followed us sending goons to chase us. That was when we found a man who called himself the Illusionist, part of a performing arts group who involving many superhumans.

"We joined them of course and his ability of illusions masked us from them, but he was very helpful. He had this one superhuman called Siphon who could drain power and enhance power. Because my brother couldn't control it, he drained my brothers power a little, then he jump started my power, but didn't get to finish because suddenly the Government had found us.

"They came in a mass of soldiers carrying tranquilizers but Illusionist held them off telling us to run. So we did. Unfortunately the Government still chased us and sent Shade to capure my brother and I-"

"Shade's here!" Hunter called and jumped down nimbly in front of us, "let's do this-"


"We'll carry it on later Emma," I promised. Shade appeared before us wearing his ninja clothes with two swords like me.

"You, I shall teach you how to fight," he muttered at me, his voice muffled. I squirmed as he pointed at me. He came at me with his swords. I drew mine ready to defend.

The End

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