Talyn: Infiltration of death

They park a few blocks off and indiscretly brink a bag of weapons. I took a hand gun , and a Small sub machine gun.  I wasn't much in for the swat look besides My powers coulp pump more lead into someone then a gun literally. I cocked the hand gun.

" Ready?You do understand back up will be here in an hours time so we have to not start a conflict"

" Yep." They all said either excited or extremly nervouse.

" Okay lets go!" I blast open a door to the basement.

We walk down quietly on stone stair into the basement wich had an old lead nuclear holocaust shelter. I put my hands on the lead and melt it.

" Better than fiddleing with lock leavers and spining rusty wheels." I whisper as we head down into a horrible smell of the sewers.

" What kinda evil group would live down here?" One of the officers comments.

" What kinda idiot wouldn't use an underground network of passages. Perhaps they their main base is in the heart of all this and it could be much better looking than your house. Also I doubt the sewers is their Base of operations just probaly serves a undetectable way too it with checkpoints and such. Oh from now be silent unless you see something susicpiouse then report to me quietly."

As we walk on the small sidewalks avoiding a river of human waste I can't help but to cover my nose with my hands.  It was dimly lit down in the sewers but you could tell the light was being stolen from another powersource saying that this was one of the may passages they would use. Upahead I could se a forcefield and a few gaurds. I put my hand up to stop the group of the officers.

" Dail , we've got guards up ahead , whos the best shot , and who is good with quick knife kills. I don't want to shoot that will echo down here and we will be detected."

One stays back with assualt rifle , and night scope.  A few others step ahead with combat knives Dail also stays back ready if fail in out attempt at stealt. I nodd as a energy blade forms in my hand. We ran quickly and quietly ahead. I catch the first one with a quick swipe of blade across the throat the others get the other guards but an alarm systems trips.

" Dead man switch! Damm!" I say spitfully at ingenuity.

On the left more guards begin two show up and I notice they all look similar.Clones? I throw the energy knife that explodes on impact killing 4 more guards.  The clone gaurds open fire killing most of my squad. I'm save by making a wall of rock appear in front of me.

" Dail are you still with me?" I shout into a radio

" Yeah we took massive casualties we are falling back now." I hear him explain through gunfire it sounded like he was in a warzone.

" Allright I'm staying here."  I reply then make my shield which absorbs the bullets.

" Time to show the bad guys, good guys won't take crap for long."  I say as I condense air molecule in the sewer then igntite with a spark.

To there surprise a explosion of flames and destruction roars through the sewer giving me a near clear walk to there base. I grab a survivor by the collar.

" Where is your base of operations?!"



The End

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