Matt: Illusionist

Last time he used his lighter, I felt a twinge in me, unfortunately, Swarm had tortured me so much I was far too weak to have the will to do anything.

Light flooded the room once more.

"Well I suppose it's good morning-"

"I know, five hours and 59 minutes, I've been counting buddy," I groaned, my body preparing itself for the inevitable onslaught.

"It seems ordinairy torture wont work on you, I try and try but you resist, I'll have to do something else," with that a second person entered the room.

"NO!" I screamed, all of a sudden I wanted to shout and cry, an impossible rage filling me up, "damn you, how could you?"

"Well, judging from that involuntary exclamation, I gather you have already met... the Illusionist, of course I already know that. I met him a long time ago, when you were oh, about 15," I tried to break out of my chains, I focused real hard on my powers but my head felt like it was being cleaved in two, "why do you think you always have trouble finding me?"

I could see him, pale skin with silver hair and grey eyes wearing his usual magicians outfit, "nice to see you old friend, it's been a while."

"How, why?"

He pointed at me, and I was taken back to that time.

"Let me make it a little clearer for you shall I?"

Reluctantly, his illusions shattered my will and I was forced to relive those days. I felt an impenetrable sadness as I stared at my younger self.

The End

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