Tom: News

I read through the hideouts mentioned in the diary, but out of all of them none really stuck out.

"What else do you know about Swarm?" I tried, but it was useless, they had told me everything, "who does he employ?"

"He's got Jackhammer, Bandit and Mime, like we said," Hunter replied.

"Oh, but wait," Vixen turned towards me, wide eyed, "we forgot the clones, "she exclaimed.

"Oh yeah, it was a trick he picked up somewhere. He used to kidnap Superhumans, take their DNA. Then he started cloning them to build an army oh Superhumans, each squad has a different power. They aren't strong but they have numbers," Hunter explained. Clones huh, then there was one possibility.

"Wait, I'm sensing something," Vixen frowned. The remote levitated, a button pressed down and the TV turned on.

"Todays main headline, the Government has organised an emergency meeting in the response to the escalating, widespread devastation caused by Superhumans they brand as 'pure and simply terrorism' It is believed issues raised will be a set of emergency laws restricting Superhumans to prevent recurring violence and a breach of civil liberties. We now go live Downtown to out reporter Pepe Tom, Tom..?"

"Look around me, you can see what can only be described as ruthless, reckless destruction, earlier this evening a band of Superhumans brought down the town square ans in a repeat performance, Downtown has been annhialated too.

"Emergency services are doing their best to keep casualties to a minimum but it's time for action, time to put down the Superhuman problem before it gets any worse."

"Thanks Tom. There are several reports across the world. In London a group known as Mystic Horsemen parade the streets bringing down anyone who gets in their way, a scholar in the Taj Mahal accidentally brought the ceiling down with a lightning bolt injuring many and the power was cut in New York for a full 3 days-"

The TV switched off, "oh no," Vixen moaned, "it was only a matter of time really, but this is going to bring chaos," she sighed and walked towards the door, "I sense you know the place Tom, let's go."

I checked my clothes. It was a simple jacket and jeans with the samurai swords making an X across my back, strapped across my torso, and my brothers band across my eyes. It felt weird but I followed the pair out of the room.

"Let's save my brother!"

The End

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