Talyn: The slums

I reach the slums knowing if I turn anything up its going to attract more trouble then I want. Thats why the rest of my team went searching somewhere else. I liked the community in the slums. If one messes with a nieghbour everyone goes up in arms to protect that nieghbour. That also lead to problems though when the nieghbour is a criminal.  The slums where rickety built houses that look like one well place kick on wall would creat a dominoe affect and crush a bunch of buildings. Not only did the houses look unstable they were boarded up, smelled of fecal matter. If you lived here you most likely had a very unfortunate life , or your a criminal.

I turned left on a street heading to the larger buildings that where poorily maintianed. These house though looked grander and a good place for an operation such as the one that was plaggin me. I drank one more energy drink and opened the door it was abandonned but it could possibly have a basement. I checked the upstairs first dried on cracked blood was left on the floor along with broken glass. In the master bedroom was a fire place recently used judging by it slightly warm temperture, and also telling by shavings of a dagger that this may serve as a watch room. This could be linked to my case or it could be a new case , but it was my duty to check it out either way. As I make my way down the stairs my radio quietly cackles.

" Tayln its Dail, I found tracks in the sewers heading towards the slums. I've come across a energy barrier. I can not proceed. Should I forcebully blast through the barrier?"

" No Dail that will bring to much trouble for you. Leave a electronic marker there. We'll come back to investigate. I may have found a building that may contain some of the criminals in the basement. Once you get here we will check the place. Understood?"

" Yes sir. I'll be there under a hour."

The End

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