Tom: Clues

"So what happened then?" I asked. Hunter was routing through his room whilst Vixen and I sat on the sofa, I had made her a cup of coffee. I wanted answers.

"I'm not completely sure, but he was fighting with Swarm and then he got captured," she said simply.

"How do you know?" I wondered, she took a sip in an attempt to be mysterious.

"I'm a little telepathic, I can't like read minds but catch words and emotions, but I'm more attuned to your brother so it's easy," she took another sip and put the cup down. She clenched and unclenched hers fists then picked up the cup again.

"So who's Swarm?"

"He's this guy who can cause you immeasurable pain. He's really intelligent, use to be a scientist but his theories, especially on superpower theories were widely discredited, he didn't take it well. Anyway, your brother first met him when he was 15-"

"Ah, the mysterious absences period, go on, this should be fun..." I snickered.

"Well he had embraced his powers and went around trying to save people, he was only young, and he found out a plot to capture a military base. He managed to stop Swarm, but Swarm told him he knew things about that time and then escaped.

"You brother developed a bit of an obsession with him them, you should see some of his reports at the station, anyway he was trying to find out more and that's when Swarm set a trap for him to finally get rid of him-"

"My brother told you this and not me?" I cried in outrage. She put out her hand to calm me.

"He didn't tell me anything, I had to try and read his mind for it bacause he was to closed, eventually he just told me-"

"Hey guys, I found something!" Hunter called from the bedroom. He burst into the room holding what looked like a diary.

"What is it?" we asked in unison.

"He mentions lot's of things," then he looked at me, "your brother never told me you two were captured by the Government," he looked mildly interested but caughed and went on, "anyway, Nova mentions several of his old bases, I think we should try some of them, oh and we are going to need you kid," he stated.


"Because A) you're clever and B) Nova thinks you may have powers you didn't know and if I were you, I'd bring some of those wicked awesome samurai swords," he looked at a wall where my grandfathers authentic samurai swords from when he went to Japan were hung. I giggled to myself, as if I could do anything with those, "God Shade  would love them, hey, if we find him maybe he could teach you, you learn fast don't you?"

I nodded thoughtfully. Great, my brother had finally done it, tricked me into acting like a stupid superhero.

The End

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