Talyn: No time

" We'll begin searching sir." 

" Good." I thought I was done with ordering and investigating but something new came up.

" Another hero is found dead reported by a miss carrie." I'm reported too by what looks like newbie in this job.

" Tell her I'll talk to her tommorow. I'm going to bed." I tell him  putting on my jacket.

" Sir , this could relate to your case. It should be dealt with immediatly." He says in I just read the book on this stuff.

" Fine if you want it done immediatly tell her immediatly. I will speak with her tommorow."   I say grumpily.

As I begin to leave Dail returns.

" We've got a problem.  Lobecent street fighting broken out. Same powers as yesterday."

" You've got to be kidding me. Come on before the trail gets cold." I order.

We run down the halls and strap ourselves into a car and drive off at an insane pace.  As our sirens made everyone aware something was up. Also telling our criminals we we are on there tail but we had to get there quick.  As soon as we reached the street. I jumped out of the moving car. My feet dropped hard on the ground. There was a fair bit of dust in the air. I was too tired for this type of action but I was best suited for the job. I sucked back a couple energy drinks quickly as I formed stairs to the roof of one of the houses.  The view from the roof gave me a good visual of all escape routes. I could see there last attacks damage and from there I proceeded to list possible escape routes there was three.

" Dail take a team to the sewers. You take a team to the warehouses South of here. I will trek alone North to the slums. These are the best three escape routes. Keep in radio contact report everything suspicouse. Go."  I order smoothly jumping back onto the ground

The End

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