Matt: Offer

I could hear dripping. My sight hadn't come back yet but I could hear and feel. There was something on my head, it went around it like a headband, but it was heavy and cold.

The door opened and light footsteps came towards me.

I tried to open my eyes, it was almost pitch black. I tried to focus on the kinetic energy, but felt a searing pain in my head.

"Nice try," that creepy voice said, "I've put a dampener on your head, you cannot use your powers, or at least, not dangerously."

"Damn you," I tried to say, but it came out garbled, "why..?"

"I told you, I need your abilities old friend, but I cannot tell you that lest you offer your services to me."

"Over you're dead body," I repeated, he chuckled to himself.

"You will come round eventually, even if I have to force you, but let us not go down that route," he turned to leave, "I will return, the next hour, and every other hour until you give in to me."

The door opened and two men entered the room as Swarm left.

One took out a silver lighter, flicked it open and lit a cigar.

"Nice lighter," I smiled at him.

The End

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