Talyn: Trouble

Energy blades ripped my very favourite jacket luckily they though missed my body. I stand on gaurd but the unonciousse one was one someone shoulder and was turning invisble.

" A light bender, huh?" There was nothing a could possibly do to stope them as they got away. 

A strong steady breeze was blowing my long black jacket upwards. My red hair going along with it.  My light brown eyes  eyes searched across the roof-tops.  This was trouble , guessing that hero was strong enough to change windspeed to that force it was probably not a good thing he was taken. 

" Its time I get back into enforcing what I believe to be right. I create another set of stairs to walk down. I head to the police department.

When I arrive looks of relief go over the receptionist.

" Talyn your coming back! Right?"  I get questioned.

" Well that was my promise. I would only head here if I was going to join back up." I explain. 

It didn't take to long for everything to be organized for me, apparently no one thought I was going to be able to stay away.  Once that was all dealt with I went through some reports.  I found the pain guy first. His name is swarm he was being quite a bother but not much was known about him. His file connected witha few other criminals I may have saw lastnight.  When I finished my research it was late afternoon , and I was dead tired.  

" Did you find anything , Talyn?" Dail asks.

" No just more mysteries, You've been after these guys for a while and you've got nothing on them." I remark.

" That's why we've been phoning you up. Oh heres an update on yesterday. The guy you mentioned that got taken. He's an officer who was apparently close on Swarm."

" Where is his reports?" I ask.

" They went missing a little before last nights happenings."

" Dammit. This has to have been planned. Lots of things happened lastnight , things , and people are missing. It looks like we are at square one. Where is this guys last report that hasn't been stolen?"


The End

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