Matt: kidnapped

I began to wake up, seeing a guy standing over me. Great, some schmuk here to see me look weak and pathetic.

I was about to get up when I felt a large surge of energy.

In the distance I could see Bandit. He saw me lookin and turned invisible. Then several bolts of energy that resembled knives shot out from thin air catching the new arrival unawares, snagging at his clohes. God I hated the bad guys, it was like their powers were built to defeat ours. Pains power could not be blocked, you had to distract him, Bandit's energy could not be manipulated or blocked, it sliced through anything.

The other guy was quickly getting up, trying to place the energy which seemed to be all around us.

Then I felt myself being jerked up on his shoulder and I became invisible.

"The boss wanted to clean up after himself, were you're going no one will find you," then I felt a blow to the back of the head and once again I passed out.

The End

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