Talyn: Some one is fighting

I felt an increase in wind speed with a side of energy attatched.

" Did you feel that?" I hear a female voice ask. She also noticed it wasn't natural.

" Yeah another one replies."

I took off with my jackets tail fying behind me.  Ahead of me was a a row of houses. I held my hand out making the ground below me turn into stairs. I jumped over the rooves of the houses. I made the ground below me was asphalt. I quicly turned the material into a rubbery substance.  I landed softly looking forwards I saw a trench cloaked  man in the fetal possesion , and another man standing over him. He looked familiar as he turned around to face me. A couple reports with his picture on them flashed before me.

" Hello there I don't think we've been aquianted."  He says smiling.

" I don't think you want to be." I say defensively

" I can guess anyways your face is that of a officer who left the force not to long ago. So you must be Talyn." He grinned.

" Your skills of observation are professional, but thats not going to stop me beating you." I grow forming a ball of energy hidden in my fists. 

I lift my hand and fire. It barely misses him and puts a pefect hole into a wall behind him.  He held his hand out then I felt intense pain. I wanted to obey my instinct to do as the same as the unconciouss man over there , but I resisted knowing I can focus on other things. This wasn't the first time I ran into someone like this. I may have had 30 seconds before I pass out though.  I focused on my adversary and darted forwards with the energy sword forming in my hands. I sliced upwards making an arc of  super heated particles shoot upwards towards him. He jumped out of the way.  Something in his pocket rang.

" Well I've got a place to be at, I'm sure we'll meet agian."  He  said taking off into the streets. The pain was released and I fell to the ground panting. I could still feel my body aching. What is going on?

I get up to see the unconciouse man. He looked fine but pale.

The End

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