Jack Carrington

This meeting is taking way too long...

I looked at the clock and watched it begin spinning quickly.  It was soon 3:00 p.m.

"Okay, meeting is adjourned, meet back here at 9:00 tomorrow for a second round of negotiations.  If we don't get this contract, you should all look for new jobs.  After all, our opponents are push-overs."

Well that's a joke... They have the best lawyers in the country, and you want us to get the client over them.  Yeah, I'll hold my breath on that.

Law was just one more thing I wish I hadn't bothered learning.  It would never serve any purpose for me.  Sure, a big pay check is nice and all, but there is way too much corruption for my tastes.

I went out to the parking lot and started my Rolls Royce.  The highway was backed up for miles, and I had too much to do to wait in traffic.

I placed my car a few seconds out of the current time line, and just drove through the cars.  They didn't even know I was there, and I was used to driving like this.  It is especially useful when I oversleep from using my power too much.

I pulled into the driveway of my million dollar house and parked next to my Ferrari.  I was starting to feel extremely tired.  I walked inside and got something too eat, but it was already too late.

Well isn't that ironic...? I thought as I passed out on the floor.

The End

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