Matt: Swarm

Nightfall came and the city was still alive with networks of red and blue lights as ambulances drove in, the fire department lifting the rubble and looking for survivors, they found few of those but a lot of dead. I sighed and frowned deeply, it hurt to see all these victims, thats what kept me close to my brother, he may not try to become some sort of superhero but he still cared, probably more than me. He treasured the sanctity of life.

I stood on the roof of a large skyscraper, waring my ouutfit. It was a long black trench coat with a black t-shirt and dark jeans. Across my eyes I wore a band of black with silver trim, my jet black hair a mess. I looked a lot like my brother, except I had blue eyes that glowed a sort of purple when I used my powers and his were silver.

I was about to jump to another roof when I saw a familiar face and heard a familiar, rather high-pitched and creepy voice.

"Ah, Nova," I looked up to see a skinny, tall figure wearing  a balaclava and a stupid black cloak. Fool.

"Swarm,"  I muttered, "is it you behind this?" I growled.

"I wish, so much death, I'm almost proud of whoever it was, now my friend, enough with the pleasantries, I need you to do something for me," his voice deeepened a little as he smiled malicously at me.

"Over you're dead body!" I focused on the wind, sped it up and as I did, I could see purple streaks as it slammed into him, sending him sprawling to the floor.

I pulled out several metal discs and threw them in the air. They stood suspended and then began to glow red hot, slightly purple as they shot like bullets across the space and towards pain. He rolled out of the way and the discs spun round, following him.

He looked terrified, but then looked at me and smiled.

The last thing I saw was him holding his hands out.

I crunched onto my knees, pulling at my hair and scratching my own arms as I felt pain sweep across my bodies in waves, spiralling up me from foot to head.

He had that power, could trigger all the pain recepticles in your body, like being attacked by a swarm of wasps. I could barely move as I fell into a foetal position. My body couldn't take it and I passed out.

The End

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