Talyn: what happened to you?

I caugh up water as a medic leans over me. 

" This one is still alive!" He shouts.

" Hey put the noise level done a notch will ya." I said.

I guess they thought they killed me back there.

I get up guessing by how much time went by these medics just got here. 

" There's Talyn." I hear a few of the police say.

Great I told them I wasn't going to be cuaght near anymore crime scenes when I left.

" Long time no see Talyn. What happened to you?" say one of my old subordinates.

" I couldn't give it up. Something is brewing up. I saw this all happen Dail. I tried to stop them but I find myself a little out of practice. Its only been a year." I explain.

" Well you would be surprised to hear this someone with similar abilities joined the force and quickly climbed the ranks." Dail replied , " Perhaps you should join agian. Your still in your early twenties. You also have a fair bit to grow in your powers." 

" I just don't know If I can get over....." I stop in thought

" Look like you said something brewing we need someone like you back on the force. I'm sure I'll be seeing you later." Then Dail walks off.

The End

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