Tom Tempest

God I hate having an older brother.

Eventually he left, jumping out of the window he negated the gravity acting on his body and increased the kinetic energy, effectively flying, or floating or whatever. He loved to show off.

It had been a rather boring day, I aced several surgeries in mere minutes, it was wierd, I had no powers as far as I was concerned, but I was a legend on the operating table and I learned stuff pretty fast, I was always good at sports too, good hand eye coordination and reflexes, but that was just human right?

Suddenly there was an influx of patients, people with large cuts and gashes, broken bones and lungs full of dust and soot.

A paramedic came in with a stretcher, "he's bleeding out, get him to the ICU!" A nurse took the man.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Big problem in the centre of town, lots of injured people... damn it we haven't got room!" the paramedic moaned.

I got to work, jumping from patient to patient.

See my big brother was a police officer who used the information to masquerade as a super hero, he always tried to get me in on it, saying I was sure to have powers if I tried, but I believed in healing patients not killing criminals.

Eventually my shift ended, I got changed and went to the pub to meet some friends.

The End

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