Matt Tempest

"Hey, little brother," I smiled at him as he lounged on the sofa.

"What are you doing here?" he wondered.

"Nothing much, just wanted to come and visit you at work that's all, why, is there something wrong with that?" He looked at me suspicously but then turned back to the TV attached to the wall. He was watching Scrubs "seriously, is that show, like anything close to the truth?" I sat next to him, "even if it isn't, it's still hilarious!"

He grabbed the remote and switched it off, then turned heavily towards me.

"What do you want?"

"Explain my powers for me, I don't understand," I urged.

"Stop rubbing it in," he smiled then and stood up, walking towards a kettle.

"Come on doctor, tell me whats wrong with me," I teased.

He threw an apple at me, I pointed at it and it slowed down until it finally stopped, suspended in mid air. He pointed at the kettle and turned it on. pointing at the kettle it bubbled and clicked instantly. Next he glance at the TV, I looked at it and it switched on as JD sneak-hugged Dr. Cox.

"Ok," he finally muttered, "judging from the symptoms, you can manipulate and use potential energy, electrostatic, electrodynamic, kinetic, gravitational, thermal, nuclear, are you happy now?"

"Ah, but you missed out one important thing doctor," he sighed and gave me a hurry-up-and-get-this-over-with look, "what is the cure?"

"I... don't know," he grumbled.

"You know, for a know-it-all you aint that clever huh," I smiled tauntingly. God I love having a little brother.

The End

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