I am not indestructible


The streeted erupted with chaos , and fear. Several buildings blew up. Small fires where everywhere. Four figures emerged from the dust.

" Looks like I'am late , but I can still stop you here." I say angrily looking past them and seeing dead bodies.

" Good luck on that Talyn." One of them snarled. His name is Dargo and in one moment he flashes rate in front of me.  He went for a high speed punch.

I was not dettered at all his fist stopped an inch a way from my body it was broken and bleeding.

" Don't underestimate me." I say coolly.

I put my hand out infront of me. A small orb of red formed in my palm and blasted Dargo's head off.  his three companions where shocked but then charged.  I dodge a stream of fire from a one.  In my right hand appears a blade of energy.  I slice upwards chopping the stream of fire and the one who was controlling it in half.  The other two learned not to attack me directly and tried distance attacks.  high pressured water and electricty crashed into what I like to call a shield. What it really was converted air molecules that was a new strong transparent unstable element. My power I convert elements , and energy. Unfortunetly I can't use that power directly on biological things. My strength , my power was my own weakness. When I fool around with atoms and molecules it takes more energy out of me then just say throwing a fireball. So I stock up on heavy energy drinks. So my power was pretty limited. 

Just as I was about to retalliate a hand of electricity shattered my shield , and disturbed all the energy and particle around me. Making it hard to convert them into something else. 

" Not so Indestructible now are you Talyn." Then a wave of water crashed into me , and I was out.

The End

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