Meanwhile at Headquarters

“How’s it looking Whizzkid?” Rob growled to himself as a satellite image jumped onto a nearby screen, there were dots all about the place.

“We have one death already... Buster of the Shadow Guild... killed by Gunslinger,” he reported as the news came into his ear, he switched channels. “I’ve lost tabs of Illusionist, he’s muttering nonsensically,” he switched channels, “er... the rescue party are nearing where we think the base is, they’re getting ready to rescue Bree and Whippet,” he switched channels, “Warrior Falcon is still fending off the Clones... Ryu is searching for Virus... our patrols have spotted very little enemy action... Shift is MIA...” he trailed off.

“Bring up a visual of what Warrior Falcons doing-“

Instantly he appeared via HD CCTV. The Falcons were struggling to be sure, though without all the extra powered people in the way, they were faring better than previously. There were still many casualties though... Falcon would feel this loss in the end.

“How many have we lost?”

“37... 52 injured-“

“Rough estimate of the enemy?”

“I can do one better, 178 killed, 98 injured.”

Those odds weren’t great. There were at least four times as many Clones as there were falcons, sure the clones were mediocre in training and power but they were simply cannon fodder with no lives and no care in the world. The Falcons were men and women with past, with family.

“What about civilians, the government, the army?”

“Civilian death count is yet to reach double figures, many wounded, majority evacuated but some are still trapped... The Government has been quiet but bombarded with outrage, the press is getting much of the coverage but maybe, maybe the Government is doing something secret. My satellite is picking up some unusual sightings-“ the satellite image appeared on screen. There was a little group of people headed towards the battlefield, “-meanwhile the army is in a state of indecision with no word from the Government. But without realising it, many of them are getting killed off by Virus who is using his ability to hide amongst them.”

“Things aren’t looking good at all,” Rob cursed quietly, “maybe I should join in,” he said, more to himself than to Whizzkid.

At the same time, Eddie had been listening in, telling James what he had heard.

“Let’s give them a hand!” James urged.

“But what can we do? I wouldn’t say they have it covered but-“

“-don’t you think it’s odd that the enemy is so quiet?”

“Well yeah-“

“-I think they’re up to something and we should investigate. We should head to their base because that’s clearly where all the action will be, and our guys will be overwhelmed if what you heard is right!”

“Fine, I agree, though I doubt we can do much. But how are we gonna get out?”

“Been thinking about it, I’ve got it covered.”

The End

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