Theives Guild Miniseries: Phase #1

“Damn Simpson kid, it’s tight, he may beat me,” George picked up the newspaper, took one look at the front cover and slammed it face down. “America doesn’t want or trust the businessmen of today, they’d rather have a true, American Farmboy! Whole stinkin’ country’s goin’ to the dogs if you ask me!”

“George, don’t be so loud, you’ll scare Bobby!” Ellen snapped, bustling over with the pinny tied to her waist and two hot plates of sausage, beans and egg, “get that down you and wind down a little dear.”

George grumbled, speared his sausage and roughly cut it up, still muttering as he chewed.

“You can do it dad!” Bobby smiled with a wild excitement, “you can do anything!”

Ellen smiled and ruffled his hair then turned away to prepare her own food. George sighed heavily.

“That’s what I always thought too kid. Growing up in NYC with my successful pops, private school and all, I’ve always been proud and confident. But there was something I learned quite young and it’s about time you learned it too kid. You can’t trust anybody out there, not even me, everybody’s out to get you and to bring you down-“

“George!” Ellen whipped round, face of thunder and nearly threw her hot plate on the table, “don’t go spouting that businessman nonsense to my son.”

“S’true Ellen, just because you grew up in sunny LA with your own private beach and your carefree attitude, sheltered from the bustle of day to day life doesn’t mean we all where. Think back, who payed for that household eh?” Ellen’s nose flared and she shook her head angrily, “a hard-working model citizen and businessman. I’m sure if he were here he’d have something to say, he’d back me up.” Ellen glared at him but said nothing. “Son, it’s a harsh place out there, you have to look out for yourself, ‘cos nobody will look out for you when you get out there. These are the best years of your life, with your mom and me, but once you go, when we’re not around... always trust yourself and your own instincts!”


“What do you reckon Phase?”

“I reckon you should get back to base and let me do this on my own. I work better alone Blindspot.” She looked annoyed, staring me out with her large brown eyes. She tucked a strand of dark hair billowing from the wind on the rooftop behind her ear and stepped down from the broken vent.

“Selective hearing is one of my many powers-“

“-selective hearing,” I trailed off slightly, “very funny, very funny-“

“-so I’m afraid you’ll have to repeat what you said, but if it’s ridiculous I might not hear it,” she winked and I smiled. Typical Kayla.

“So no chance of getting you to go back?”

“I’m sorry you’ll have to speak up a little-“

“Alright fine!” I sighed and looked out to the cityscape. Oceanus was beautiful at night from high up. The Giant skyscrapers of varying shapes and colour, the distance sea and in the further distance, Green hills and trees. Back in another world, another timeline, my dad used to bring me up here, talking about owning the place like it was one of his model cities. I closed my eyes and fought to keep those memories away. They came with happiness and pain.

“What’s wrong?” she came towards me, full of care and worry.

I struggled to get any words out for a moment. “Nothing, m’fine.”

“Alright,” totally not buying what I said, but thinking it was not the best time, “I reckon you should talk to him, and I’ll break into the office,” I rounded on her instantly.

“Pft, no chance, I’ll get the office and you-“

“Why?” this time she span round to look at me, hands on hips, hair flicking round. She looked defiant, “’cos I’m the girl?”

“N-no,” well she was half right.

“What you think I can’t handle myself, or that I can use myfeminine charmto get the job done,” she spat on the floor, “men.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” I muttered, scratching the back of my head and half smiling.

“Urgh, I didn’t join a freakingThieve’s Guildto pick daisies and take strolls in the park, idiot.” But she smiled a little, regardless, “I can take care of myself thanks.”

“All the same, I’d still rather take the office job, after all, I can just phase-“

“I’m sorry I can’t hear you,” and before I could finish, or stop her, she grabbed the glider and leapt off the building.

“Very funny,” I grumbled.

I could only watch as she softly sailed through the winds, circled the building till she was low enough, doubtless checking the layout, and landed nimbly on the rooftop.

She was but a small, dark figure, tying a piece of rope to a broken pipe and getting ready to abseil.

Meanwhile I could see lots of miniscule people bustling about the park where I was supposed to be. As easily as stepping through a veil, I slipped into a dimension where everything seemed purple in colour and wild chaotic energy shot around as lightning between clouds. I stepped of the building and simply walked down to the park as if there were invisible stairs heading in that direction. But I wasn’t seeing where I was going, more feeling. As if everything was connected together. All around me people where frozen, going about their simple, daily lives. I knew if I were top appear now, nobody would notice. So I slipped through the other side of the veil and realised I was on a path next to the park. I could see the two people I was hunting. I entered the park gate and slid behind some bushes, ready to listen.

The End

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