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I had the thieves guild members looking around town for any sign of Omni, in pairs of course. With most of the city being destroyed with the war going on, there wasnt really many places we had to scout.

Me and Scarlett were standing on rooftops, looking around the decimated city. After receiving multiple reports from the guild, I knew that Omni had found a secure location.

"He's gone, nowhere to be found" I sighed
"There is no way he would leave, the machines radius could reach here if it was anywhere else" whined Scarlett
"Perhaps he's gone to a different area to finish the main parts of the machine. After which he could bring it back to activate it"
"I couldnt think of anywhere he would hide, and I've been taking care of him since he was a child"
"Wait... the old Theives Guild hideout... that underground one" I exclaimed, Scarlett had a surprised look on her face
"Of course, that place had space, and could easily be used for a place to lay low and work on his machine"
"Guys, we might of found out where Omni is. Everyone meet me in the park by the fountain" I said through my radio.

I flew Scarlett down, and we reached the park quickly. Everyone showed up sooner or later and eventually everyone was here.

"So then, your idea?" said Venom

"The old hideout, an underground tunnel network would be a really good place for him to continue making his machine" I stated

"Sounds like a good place, theres no doubt that Omni's intelligence knows no bounds..." Thunder said sarcastically

"We should not doubt Omni, he could of possibly thought this through. It could be a trap"

"Its our only lead man, theres nothing else we can do"

"I dont like the idea of marching you blindly to your deaths"

"If im gunna die, i swear to god im taking him, or one of his goons down with me"

"If everyone is okay at the thought of possible death, then okay. But if anyone cares about their life then you can turn away now, you will not be judged about it."

None of them moved

"We are with you to the end Shift" they all shouted in unison

"Lets go..."

We were all gathered around the old Theives Guild hideout, it was an abandoned warehouse, but in secret, it had a secret tunnel network underneathe it. It belonged to Scarletts father, and it at first was a bomb shelter. But he then turned to crime, and made a tunnel network for all his gang and it had various twists and turns so that if the police came in they would most likely get lost. But I grew up in those tunnels, I knew the routes like the back of my hand. The only place big enough was the main room, which was a rather large part of the tunnel, supported by makeshift columns.

We made our way through and there didnt seem to be any signs of life down here, until we got to the main room.

"Ah, you found me, well done Shift" laughed Omni "But as you can see, your already too late..."

"I will kill you... powers or not Omni! I will not go down without taking you with me!" I yelled as I charged him.

The End

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