Shift: Hunt Begins

I rush up to Mirage, he was shot in the chest 3 times and blood was pouring out at an alarming rate. 
"Shift!" he grabbed my shoulder tightly "It's Omni, he's behind this... He invented the gun that damaged you by using your DNA that he got from your lab. The machine was also a lie, because he doesn't know how to take powers he's made some form of long lasting power EMP type thing. It will disable all powers within an estimated 1000 mile radius. He told me this because he thought id be dead before you got here..."

"Looks like he isnt that smart then is he... The DNA thing makes it sound like it was too easy"

"Hes got extremely good intelligence, he could do anything... He might of returned to the lab... He could get Banshee any moment! Go!"

"Come on Mirage, don't give in yet... I could get you a healer and you'll be good as new" I cried

Mirage burst into tears "Shift, we both know that's not happening... All I ask of you is to keep your promise... Tell her that I'm sorry I had to leave her like this... Also, make sure that she has all the support she needs, let her understand that she doesn't need me to support her... She's strong enough to support herself... Be there for her Shift... Please... Oh and one more thing, tell her that I... love her..." Mirage coughed up more blood before closing his eyes and passing away.

I looked at the floor, tears came to my eyes. But they were interrupted by rage and nearby footsteps. I escaped through the way I got in. As I got out to a safe distance I roared at the sky as loud as I could.

After I let out some anger I rushed back to my house, ran into my basement, and looked for Omni. I looked around the lab twice in 5 minutes, he was nowhere to be seen. Banshee was sat by a phone in my house living room, the others were in the kitchen drinking and chatting. I walked over to Banshee with an upset look on my face, she looked confused at first.

"Banshee... He's not going to call" I explained

"Is he..." tears formed rapidly "I'm so sorry, I couldn't do anything when I found him" Tears then formed in my eyes "But I made him a promise that I will always look after you, he also said that he loves you"

"Don't say his death was pointless at least" she sobbed

"Omni is behind it all, the machine he explained, not only is it a lie, it's being used to disable all powers so that they can eradicate the superhuman population. After their powers are disabled they will hunt each one down and kill them in case there is a chance their powers would return"

"He never really cared about anyone... When i took him in he was the cocky type. He was just intelligent, he didn't have any powers. I guess he was just jealous. I suppose its one of those 'if I can't have it no-one can' things" Anger became present on Banshee's face "If he was still here I'd kill him myself!"

Banshee picked up a chair and threw it across the room, it made a loud noise which attracted everyones attention. All the rest of the guild rushed into the room to see what the loud noise was and Banshee was just on her knees with her face in her hands.

 "He's gone?" asked Thunder "Yeah" I replied, tears still in my eyes

"But who?" questioned Lightning

"Omni..." I said angrily

"Oh he's going down!" shouted Locust

"And now we are taking the fight to him, scouting parties are to go out and search for him. The hunt begins..."

The End

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