Shift: Plan Put Into Action

When me, Mirage and Banshee arrived at my house...

"I called all of the remaining Thieves Guild members to my location, as the leader they have to follow my orders" Banshee sighed "I've known all of you so long, like a real family, and I'm not ready to lose you yet"

"And you won't Scarlett, your life is also at risk and now its our turn to repay the debt we owe you" I replied

"You don't owe me anything, i took care of you all from the goodness in my heart. Just because i turned you into Thieves, people looked down on me, you were poor and you needed the money. My plans where to give you a place to stay, help you get up on your feet so you could go out into the world alone"

"Yeah, your rich but nobody could of done that bank job without Phase to pull you outta there" Kane popped in "In all truth, your one of the lucky ones"

"If we need a new hideout, I have a large basement, which is also a lab, we could hide out in there" I explained

"Hmm, if it's a lab then we have all we could need, Omni needs a lab to conduct tests" said Banshee

"Sometimes, intelligence could just be a gift not a power"

"He joined on his own accord, I don't turn people away. Recently, he has been brainstorming a machine that can remove powers, permanently. Quite like the one you made, apart from, your machine couldn't do that forever. It was missing vital components, the effects would of wore off and the victims powers would of just simply returned"

"What about me when I had theirs?"

"They would of faded, given enough time, but you were defeated before they could"

"So this other one just takes it forever?"

"Yes, but we aren't evil thieves, we will take powers from those who abuse them. The power stored will then be destroyed so that it may never be returned"

Me, Banshee and Mirage talked about this for a few hours. One by one more members of the thieves guild showed up at my door, and I showed them all to the basement.

"What you think of this place Omni?" I asked

"This place, is sufficient" answered Omni "Thank you Shift, for giving me this opportunity. Bear in mind, this machine could take months or years to that matter"

Omni was the type of person who got to work straight away without order, and after a short tour of my lab he got right to work on his machine.

Shortly after everyone got acquainted, Banshee stood up and everyone was quiet.

"My children, I am happy to have you here, yet sad to have you here for a bad reason. We are being hunted, and one by one we are being killed. We have no knowledge of who is behind this"

Lightning stood up "Perhaps the government mistakes us for the weak supers, and wants to take us out first before the stronger ones"

"Or..." said Omni "They want to kill the friends and family of the strongest... Shift, to get his attention so they can take him down"

Everyone looked at Omni, knowing well that his guess was most likely the most accurate. I looked at the ground for a second before looking back up. "Most likely that is the reason, perhaps they have made some form of superhero assassins. Whatever is going on here, it needs to be stopped."

"The government wouldn't train assassins, perhaps this is a private contract signed by the government to some other... company or something" suggested Thunder

"Yeah, even though the government want the people to side with them, if they were behind it, I'm guessing they'd be bragging it about now" cut in Venom

"I could go and spy on the government, see if they talk about it" suggested Mirage

"But what if they catch you?" exclaimed Banshee

"That will be my problem, not yours. In the mean time, everyone should stay here, where it is most likely safe. And if you are going to leave, at least take someone with you"

I showed Mirage out, he shook my hand and smiled "If I don't come back, look after Scarlett for me will ya?"

"She's like a mother to me, I won't just turn her away"

"Good" Mirage then turned into a falcon and flew into the horizon.

The End

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