Shift: Unsuspected Visit

I was on nightwatch, one of the most boring things to do ever. With my cat like eyes, i was able to see in the dark, which is probably why they chose me to do it.

"Given up on your true family Shift?" came a soft voice.

"B-Banshee, is that you?" I turned round quickly, and saw Banshee.

Banshee, is the leader of the theives guild. When i joined the guild, she took care of me and Jenny, she was like a mother. She was and still is the nicest woman i know, for a thief. She had long silver hair, that went down her back and her eyes were a dark red colour that stood out from the pale white of her eyes. She was only in her fourties at most, but she doesnt look like shes aged a day.

"Yes, its me. Bet you haven't even thought of me since you left" she replied

"In truth, I have. How could I forget you, I'm sure Jenny would of loved to see you"

"Where is Jenny?"

Sadness soon came upon my face, and a tear came to my eye as I said "Shes dead, Scarlett"

She look startled, then she hugged me.

"She was too young to go, what happened?"

"She was killed, by a man that I havent got the power to kill. I killed him once, he just came back from the dead"

When she let go of me, she began to look serious.

"I hate to put more bad news on you but, someone is picking off members of the Thieves Guild. With Jenny and Runway out, there isnt a lot of us anyway. Pheonix told me that someone tried killing him, but the assailant didnt know his power, of which is how he met his demise. Wish I could say the same for Eric"

"Scorcher? Eric? Dead? Any idea who could be behind this?"

"The only enemy, that the theives guild had, was the authorities, but they never were much of a threat" Banshee looked around "Mirage, stop hiding, its safe"

A bird in the sky suddenly turned into a human being. It was Mirage, or Kane as he's known properly by. He had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and an athletic build. He was also Scarlett's husband.

"Hey Shift, long time no see" said Kane "We aint seen you, Phase or Runway, and when we heard Runway was dead we got even more worried"

"I didn't think the guild was for me, with Jenny being how old she was it wasn't the best environment" I explained "But, with her gone and her adopted son hanging on my back, let alone the fact he has powers. I don't know what to do. I want to give up on this superpowered business"

"The gift we have, isnt given to many, it is a shame you do not wish to have it" Scarlett said "but you were chosen, and now it's too late. The power is within your genes, and it can't simply be taken away by ordinary matters. But back to the main topic, there aren't many of us left, we need your help to find out who is behind this"

"Well, I'm on nightwatch, I can't simply abandon my post. Please, stay here for the night, I will break the news to everybody in the morning and then we'll go"

Banshee looked at Kane, and he nodded "Fine, we'll stay" said Kane.

The End

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