BFO Skirmish 2 Part 1

The rainforest seemed to stretch out forever. He ducked under a low-hanging branch and slipped between two rocks emerging at a pleasant pool of water. He saw a fish idly swimming there. He didn't know what he had been searching for, but now he was sick of it. He grabbed the wriggly little fish. The fish jumped and flopped out of his hand so that he dropped it back into the water. He dove to catch it but it slipped through his fingers. He chased it, scrabbling with the rocks until he placed one hand in front of it, the other to its side and closed in on it. He grabbed hold of the fish and smiled, then laughed.

The Shockwave had freed Chaos for just one moment, long enough for him to realise he was being had. As his mind resurfaced through the many sub-concious levels it had been forced to dip down to, he could think clearly. Well, clearly for him.

This time he was ready as Illusionist once more entered his mind. He felt the illusion. At first he allowed the city scape to endure, delighting in the wonderful architecture. But then across the street he could see Illusionist and smiled. Illusionist looked scared for a moment. The darkness fell on the sky, lightning crackled amongst the clouds. The building began to crumble in the red light and everything was decaying. Strange phantasms appeared from the building, zombies and ghosts drifting about. Demons appeared and tried to hurt Illusionist.

"Stop Chaos!" he yelled. All the beings disappeared.

"You've been running me through the ringer little boy," it just so happened that it was Chaos' more psychotic side in control, "giving me a glimpse of your mind is like inviting me to a tea party," he burst out a violent angry laughter, "WELL NOW IT'S MY TURN TO PLAY, HA HAA!" the laughter screamed inside Illusionist's head as Chaos figure appeared warped. All the buildings went out of focus, the colours changed. White noise could be heard from nowhere. Then suddenly everything was  a cacophony of light and sound like a child at a busy funfair. Randomly shaped ghasts that looked like clowns and mimes and other creatures began to swoop down at Illusionist. 

The man crouched low, hands over his head in fear for his life.

He felt birds pecking at his skin, ripping it off. Blood fell down his eyes making his vision red. His head felt on fire as if it were to burst. 

Suddenly he was naked. He stood up to see a large crowd of people with glowing red eyes laughing at him. He saw Aura then, and she approached him and kissed him. He didn't have any will to fight her off as she brushed her hands through his hair. Suddenly she turned into Syphon, then into Chaos who hopped away and began to skip and laugh, laughing as he did it. 

"I am Chaos and chaotic I be
Welcome, welcome to the mind of me
Though I am silly and psychotic too
Don't be perturbed if I tell you to shoo
For I like the company, in my head
I like it when those words are said
So won't you join me for a spin
Despite all this aweful din
Let's say those words together, don't be lazy,
Yay say those words, "aren't you crazy!"'

Suddenly Chaos stopped and looked at Illusionist darkly.

His face was right in front of Illusionist in an instant.

"I'm not CRAZY!"

He stopped again, his body jittery and shaking.

"hehe, isn't this fun?"

Illusionist couldn't help but laugh. He grabbed hold of Chaos' shoulder and broke into an aweful, pained laughter that became slowly angry and violent so that it echoed through each others heads as Chaos joined in. The laughter rose until Chaos returned to conciousness.

"Hehe, that's right my good headed friend," he said to himself. He saw Illusionist laughing manically in the streets, his knees curled up, his eyes blank. Nearby was Swarm who looked at them sickeningly, "I've broken Illusionist!" once more he burst into laughter. 


The End

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