Takashi: an Old Friend

I arrived at the warehouse.  It was in worse shape then I remembered.

“Whatever happened happens as to plan,”  this was my ex-captains favourite quote.  Why? I didn't know but I had to trust some one and who better than blossom.  We hadn't spoken since I left the guild for obvious reasons but she was a valuable friend, if there was anyone left I could trust, it would be her.  I slid open the door.  She was waiting.

"Took your time," she said impatiently.

"Had to finish the mission first," I replied with a smile.

"So, time to explain yourself Takashi," she paused, then added, "well I suppose it is just Iishi now isn't it?"

"Which ever you prefer," I told her and then explained, as I had with 4th seat of chakara juu, why it was impossible to believe in the guild anymore, "so I’m going to take back the guild by force if necessary.  I can't do it alone though.  My last opponent was enough for me." I paused slightly, to check the wounds, and then continued. "I don't know who else I could trust though," Blossom looked toward the fan set high in the wall.

"I suppose I could get the list of AWOL members from my friend in Chakara Shi, how you test them is up to you though."

“That would be good, arigato, I said, “you up for some training for old time’s sake?”

“Change out of that stupid coat first,” she smirked at me.

“Very well,” I said, removing the coat to reveal my normal Kendo Linens.  My sword hung from my hip. 

It started with a light warm up, moving on to the exchanging of battle tactics and attack patterns and finishing with heavier sparring.  All through she improved faster than I thought possible.  By the end we were near enough equal neither of us landing a hit.  I lost track of time in the training it could have been a day or a month.  By the end we both lay panting. After a while, Blossom had been fiddling with a phone. Eventually she handed me a compact USB device which was a standard storage device and as she passed the now torn coat near the door she crouched and took my old one.

“I’ll be going,” she said

“Have a good day,” was my only reply knowing this may be the last time I see her.  

The End

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