Battle for Oceanus Part 8

Everyone was gone, and there was nobody, or nothing, in sight for miles. It was just me and the ancestor. In a fight that was going to last a while, and i was still going to lose.

After being smacked into the floor by giant rocks, he started using the power of telekinesis. I just smashed everything he sent toward me and made my way toward him.

He switched to using his blades, i deflect most of his attacks and push forward. I was starting to win.

He summoned a bunch of volcanoes around us, lava coming out and forming a shield around us. There was no escape for me, especially as the ground split and we fell into a chasm. It wasnt a deep chasm but we were in the ground and there was no light apart from the lava above.

Metal pipes came out of the ground being smashed into places. The water from the pipes slowly filling the chasm. Ancestor used lightning again, the electricity flowing through the water. It could of killed me if i had not used my wings for a second longer.

The fight took into the air again, still remaining in the chasm as the water slowly rose with the electricity staying in it. Sparks came from everywhere, giving me more light so i could fight back better. Lava came to the edges of the chasm, about to fall in. The electricity stopped sparking in the water, as he smacked me into it.

The lava then started to pour into the chasm, the water hardening as it came into contact. I got out as the floor was completely hardened and lava was filling it up this time.

I flew out of the chasm, with ancestor not too far behind.

He used ice again now, sending sharp ice shards toward me at fast speeds. The lava was beginning to form into elementals of some sort. They picked up molten rock and started throwing them at me. Also little flying things came out of the lava too. They seemed to be like the falcon flock just a little more, demonic, and made of lava.

Now i was outnumbered, and with the shield keeping all the lava in, it wouldnt be too long before i was burnt to a crisp.

Thats what i thought until the lava sheild came down. Lava was pouring down from above that couldnt be dodged. I tried my best at dodging but the lava was too much. I got random droplets scorching my skin.

When i was free i flew away, but i wasnt fast enough. The ancestor slammed my back and threw me into the ground.

This was it, i had been beaten, i was going to be killed.

"Shift!" came a voice, all of a sudden i found myself in a purple world. The ancestor on his hands and knees breathing heavily. Next to me i saw Rob. "Lets go" he held out his hand, but the ancestor grabbed my leg before we could escape.

His body dematerialised into a heavy black fog and it wandered around for abit before going inside me and thats the last i saw of anything. We was back in the real world and i was around everyone else.

"Thanks Rob, I owe you" I said with a heavy breath, before dropping myself into a chair.

The End

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