Meanwhile... at the Oval Office

"What had been perceived as gang warfare has quickly escalated in what can only be seen as civil war within the Superhuman ranks, with casualties reaching well into the hundred. The two forces met early in the hours of this morning and have been ruthlessly fighting since, in what has been dubbed the Battle for Oceanus. Yet what, the people ask, has the Government been doing about this?"

"Turn it off!" the President shouted.

"Mr President, you know they are right. The public have been waiting for the Government to act for a long time now. All the time, Dr.Taylor is receiving more and more favour, despite the threat posed by the supposed Obsidian Thought. You have seen his latest model. It is only a matter of time before he goes public and if you refuse, he will call for a vote of no confidence and you will be replaced in this crisis," the adviser urged. The President moved behind his desk, looking calmly at his entwined fingers.

"And what exactly is your point, Miss Cafferty?" he looked up with imploring eyes.

"You have read my papers Mr President, you know what I have planned, what I can do... with your permission I can begin attaining my instruments and continue your work," the President sighed slightly.

"You are right... if anything should happen to me, if I should lose office, I give you the green light and you may continue your work below-board. Our work will continue and nobody will be able to stop you-"

She laughed lightly, "-Mr President, everything is set into motion, it cannot be stopped."

"I hope you're right Chandra, America needs to have faith again."

The End

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