Battle for Oceanus Part 7

The three apprentices chanted until the sky began to darken and the shadows formed in the hands of the Witch who held them out. Her whole form shimmered with an irridescent glimmer that radiated like sickly tentacles from her being. Her eyes glowed with a powerful intensity. Suddenly the tentacles extended like a haze towards the three waiting heros. Aura concentrated, sending a mist of energy out to tackle the haze. Detonated hurled a bomb but it was swallowed by the approaching gloom.

The two forces met and struggled. The chanting grew louder and louder and as the sun fell down behind the horizon, the haze took on an unearthly form like spilt ink that quickly engulfed Aura's energy. The darkness got closer, but just as it was about to hit them, the shockwave blew them through the sky, the haze dissipating in the blast.

In anger, the Witch of Warsaw send bolts of terror at her enemies so that they screamed and clawed at their eyes and hair.


"Tom, gather the heros, bring them to your location!" Rob ordered. Immediately, figures began to swarm towards one point. They enetered the foundations of Walker Inc, waiting in the large lobby. There was a desk and behind that, twin spiral staircases that led to a marble balcony that ran around the perimeter of the room and was held up by columns. Standing on this balcony, looking out to the assembly, was Rob.

"I have some sad news to give to you all..." Rob began. He moved away from the banister for a moment so they couldn't see him. He came back holding a figure in his arms, "an old friend of mine, a thief turned hero, Runway has been killed by Jackhammer..." there was silence for a minute before he continued, "...but I did not take you away from the fight to grieve, for the fight is not over and the threat increases with every second. Let me start by saying we did not become the heros we are today by fighting like mindless automatons, we have always prided ourselves on giving villains a choice before doing what we can to incapacitate them. Yet we are not ourselves. I have felt this just as others have felt that there is a presence about us, influencing us, changing us to murderers and nothing more... we must remember who we are at all times, to not forget ourselves!" he called.

"He is right, ever since the anti-Superhuman stir, there has been a presence guiding us to do the wrong things. Yet this has been a threat we cannot tackle by words or force, it is a fear and an anger that fills our every pore and now it has reached it's climax, manipulating the desires of the villains and our anger for them so that we will fight mindlessly. This is the exact reason as to why the media has acted the way it has and has been allowed to indulge in such biased opinion... we cannot allow iut and we must fight it in a way that places us in a positive light," Tom chimed in.

"So what do you want us to do?" somebody asked.

"We must use tactics, use strategies that do not result in straight-out dogfights that will put more of us in peril. It will not be easy, but we must prevail so that we can end this," Rob stated, "Tom what are the enemy up to?" he added.

He checked the SGC Rob had given him, flipping up the top screen. He opened the Satellite feed and found the Villains all disappearing one by one.

"Emport has them retreating also... I'm trying to track his movement but it is too erratic for this to handle-"

"-then use the mainframe, it's more than capable-"

"-Phase, no offence but I'm up to my elbows in sick people, just being here to witness this is causing more and more deaths amongst the Falcon ranks, I can't play big brother and doctor at the same time!"

"Then maybe you could use me..." a familiar figure entered the room, "...I didn't mean to drop in, but my supercomputer picked up your little conversation and I think I could be a good help... before you ask, my ship teleported me here, though I didn't come alone, of course."

"If he's going to join you, so am I!" Geckoboy smiled brightly, expecting everyone to go and charge right back into the fight.

"Who is this?" Rob asked.

"That's Whizzkid, he's an alien from..." Tom tried to remember the name but failed, "well, he's an alien, excellent at using computers, you could really use him right now," Tom nodded encouragingly.

"I'll take your word for it, go and help the sick," Rob ordered and Tom wasted no time in leaving.

"So what do we do first?" Geckoboy asked.

"Whizzkid, do you reckon you can find the enemy base?"

"As sure as I'm a Z'york from Z'yordican and my name is Whz'kd," he replied.

"Then I'll take that as a yes."


Shade saw the fight as it reached it's end and Blossom left. He saw the confrontation and just exactly who the masked figure was. He tapped Buster on the shoulder who followed his gaze. He looked surprised. With one quick slash of his sword, he sent a shockwave that slashed the closest clone and the pair moved quickly towards Takashi.

"You can lose the mask now Takashi, we know it's you," he moved his sword to his face and as he pulled it away, the metal dripped like a liquid into the blade. Buster raised his katana and Shade his twin wakizashis.

"I thought you least of all would allow this to happen to the Guild, I always thought you would lead the rebellion, Shade," Takashi seemed disappointed almost.

"My loyalty is to the Emperor, as long as he is alive, I will remain his servant," Shade uttered.

Takashi's blade grew slightly smaller as metal encased his wrists.

"Then you have clearly lost your way and enemies of the true ideals of the guild must be destroyed to maintain the order!"

Buster sliced own and the energy flew towards Takashi who sommersaulted over the wave and struck down. Buster just blocked the heavy attack, then went to strike at Takashi's unblocked right side. He raise his wrist and the metals clanged and his wrist guards got larger as he abosrbed some of the metal.

Shade was about to strike but his blade glanced off an arm.

"This is not your fight. His plan has been forced to change, your presence here is unnecessary, you are needed elsewhere now Shade," Nightwish stated. Shade nodded gravely and with Buster, disappeared into the shadows, "you on the otherhand, I have watched with great interest," Nightwish licked his lips as he sttepped forwards, "My father sees you as a great fight and I see why, you are still so full of energy despite your little skirmish, well I'm about to end it for you," his lip curled in pleasure, "I will enjoy this little challenge."

He picked up the sword of one of the dead clones and bowed. Takashi warily returned it and took up his stance.

Nightwish struck first with an overhead attack. Takashi blocked it, then as Nightwish span, he jabbed the blade behind himself with some force. Takashi swiped the blade away with some force and Nightwish swung the blade out wide, spinning and slicing with a strong backhand attack. Takashi blocked, skidding back a little at the sheer force.

"You fight quite well," Takashi muttered.

"You pictured me untrained and arrogant when you first saw me, I understand, but you are meeting - my - expectations," he attacked at the last three words but Takashi blocked them all.

This time Takashi went on the offence. His blade came down quickly on the left, then swung round to the right. As it moved towards him, he curved the blade so that it went to hit Nightwish. The blade merely glanced off his skin, ripping only his top.

Takashi struck as fast as he could in every direction. Nightwish blocked some but others similarly caught him and had little effect.

Nightwish smiled at all this. Takashi went to jab at him but Nightwish caught Takashi's handle and flicked the blade out of his hand. He went to strike Takashi who blocked the attack with his wristguard. Takashi caught the second attack between his guards and snapped the blade. He was about to pull out his knife when Nightwish grabbed him and threw him towards a wall. With quick agility, Takashi spun backwards in the air and planted his feet high on the iron. The iron melted all over him creating a battle armor and he flipped himself off the wall and towards his blade. He caught the blade and rolled easily onto his feet before running towards a building.

Nightwish followed, turning a corner where Takashi sliced his blade towards the iron structure. The metal melted into the blade which grew extraodinarily big. The blade came towards Nightwish who caught it with his hands but the sheer force sent him flying over the road and through a wall into another building. Takashi leapt into the air and stuck down, the blade getting larger as it came down towards Nightwish. It smashed him down a storey. Takashi's blade shortened as he deftly landed on the wood. He looked down to see a figure shoot upwards. Nightwish crashed into him, tackling him. He rose into the air through a large hole left by the destroyed ceiling into the night sky.

Takashi pulled out his knife but Nightwish felt the movement and grappled with him. He crushed Takashi's hand and plunged the knife into his side. Takashi grunted slightly before allowing himself to fall. He grabbed Nightwish's foot  and pulled sending Nightwish into a nearly intact but weak building which collapsed and fell on top of him whilst Takashi landed on a mishapen street light.

He rested for a moment, feeling the wound which was bleeding profusely now.

There was a sound, then a burst of rubble as Nightwish emerged from the remnants. He stepped onto the street and nearly stumbled over the body of a falcon. He grabbed the warriors spear and broke off the small blade at the end. He span the shaft a little bit and held it in a defensive stance.

Takashi got up with his blade.

He attacked overhead but Nightwish blocked. Nightwish brought the staff round himself and struck Takashi's legs before smacking him in the stomach. Winded Takashi, on the floor, kicked Nightwish's face and, with his hands over his head, leapt onto his feet. He struck with his blade which glanced off Nightwish's skin and kicked him in the stomach sending him backwards. Nightwish span up and flicked the staff up, hitting Takashi in the jaw. He flicked it around again and went to hit his side but Takashi's wrist guard stopped him. Takashi sent his palm towards Nightwish's nose. For an ordinary man, it would have killed, but the attack merely sent Nightwish onto his back again.

The two faced each other. Nightwish's clothes were torn, his face angry and serious. Takashi was panting slightly, his left arm covering his wounded right side.

There was a sudden glow of light.

"NO!" Nightwish screamed as he disappeared.

Takashi's blade fell to the floor.

The End

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