Battle for Oceanus Part 6

The room was dark but for the pale glint of the pot mask that lay in the palm of his hand.  He rose from the chair and donned the mask as he moved to the door.  Once outside a muffled sigh was heard from behind the mask.  He ducked behind a support column for the overhead train tracks as the shockwave blew the house away.  All that was left was a pile of rubble for a mile around.  He casually walked through the twisted metal that had been train tracks a moment ago and left a ringing in the air from contact between sheath and tracks.  This didn’t seem to effect him he continued onward slowly.


            Eventually he arrived at the battlefield.  He scanned the battlefield for his targets, five that he knew of and the bonus target.  He picked out two of his targets; they had been tailing him all morning.  He slid down a pile of rubble.  They followed without hesitation, their first mistake.  As they slid over a hollow section the ground erupted around them.  One escaped the other beheaded fell to the floor.  The other kicked up some dust which flew toward the masked man with an unnatural amount of force.  The masked man blocked with the sheath which burst into flames as he lifted it.  As the Dust passed The masked man flicked the blade upwards with little effort the sheath flew off toward his opponent.  Who dodged and stamped and flung more dirt toward the masked man.  This time the heated blade didn’t help because the dirt flew round the sword into the open area’s of the mask and down the windpipe of the masked warrior blocking air to the lungs.  He acted quickly closing the gap between them then super heating his blade with visible results and struck the survivor with the back of the blade.  That was more cruel then finishing him quickly as the man burst into flames from the contact and fell on his back screaming in agony.  The ex-survivors power had released the masked man leaned over, slid the mask to reveal his mouth and coughed up a small pile of dust.  Replacing his mask he continued toward the battle.  Three steps later he began sprinting toward the battle.  His target directly ahead he plowed through clones and Falcons alike who leapt backwards to avoid the now burning blade.  He reached his target and wasted no time in launching his attack.  The target swayed slightly to the right the stab missed by a inch and commented

“nice and warm” the masked man withdrew the blade expecting a counter attack from the shrouded woman.  However she turned and gave him a friendly smile.  Without thinking the masked man let out a hollow laugh then suppressed the urge to comment back.  She dropped her face to a scowl as an attack pierced the right shoulder of the masked man.  Who dropped the blade before it even hit the ground he caught it and ran to the right.  The blade now in his left hand it picked up twice the heat.  Another attack from behind he span on the spot dug heels in and focused on the swords heat before the projectile reached him it contacted with the blade and burned in an instant.  Another attack from the left he simply raised the blade without looking and another cinder fell to the floor.  The final attack of this wave an overhead strike he stepped backwards and a cherry blossom sized hole appeared in front of him.  He got back on track charging straight into his opponent stopping a meter away when another hole appeared in front of him.  The woman’s face contorted with bewilderment.  The masked man continued to dodge her attacks.  She continued to miss sometimes by millimeters then he closed in too far but instead of the heat she expected she was winded by the pommel of his blade.  She realized he had read that attack before she had even set it up.  Finally she used her most recent and untested attack pattern.  The masked man evaded the first few as easily as before but afterward the strain began to show he began taking more hits however they were all to the unusable arm.  Then she noticed an opening for a fatal blow taking it she shot a cherry blossom toward the back of the masked face.  He tapped his mask with the blade which extended round his head to block the blossom.

“How did you do that?” She demanded the masked man silently retracted his blade.

“I think I know now.” She said in a mocking tone.  “ex-3rd seat Takashi Zaraki. You can remove that mask now.”

“How long did it really take?” he replied it was rhetorical but she answered anyway.

“No one else has been able to dodge my first pattern so accurately let alone the first time of seeing it.”

“then do we really need to continue this?  I can talk to you later if you follow this map alone of course.” He had carried it in case of a chance encounter with someone he could trust.

The End

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