Battle for Oceanus Part 5

As the fight raged, members of the military had been evacuating civilians from the nearest houses, prepared to let loose if the fight extended outwards.

The pain rippled through his skin, concentrating on his cheeks and radiating outwards in waves. He passed out when Swarm gently placed his hand on his sister's arm.

"We need him, don't kill him right now," he nodded meaningfully and she let him fall to the floor. Emport appeared and took him away.

Virus' reinforced arms punched him, sending him into a wall which smashed. Quickly he ran to finish Ryu, but he wasn't there. The ceiling fell down and crashed on top of Virus who emerged from it relatively unscathed. Ryu punched him in the face and kneed him in the stomach. He grabbed Virus by the back of his top and hoisted him of the ground. With enhanced strength, he punched him into the air. Virus leveled,  floating there and waiting with a sadistic smile on his face. Ryu charged up the ring and sent a beam of energy at Virus, searing his arm right off. The one armed virus began to fly away but Ryu chased him. He caught hold of his foot and flung him into the top of a building, crashing and sending him down three storeys. He plummeted, diving into Virus and knocking him down several more. With one final punch, he sent Virus out a window and onto the streets below. Ryu gasped with exhaustion and began charging, his body glistening with the energy that rolled through him.

He looked out the broken window. The street below was littered with army officers. Virus was nowhere to be seen, but several soldiers lay dead on the floor, the others hadn't even noticed.

On the actual streets, Virus stood in line, gun in hand. With glee, he looked out to the fight, his body changed to a military officer. This would be fun... plenty of victims to play with and a foolish hero none-the-wiser.

Gemma got out her sword and stabbed at Brainwave, constantly slashing and tearing at him but he continously dodged, yet he was in constant motion meaning he couldn't use his power. So engrossed in trying to stop him, she didn't notice as her sister fell to the floor and the muscled mass that was Seismic bent down and grabbed her hair. She only noticed something was up when she heard a scream. She turned around quickly to find Emily in the hands of Seismic who picked her up over her head. At the same time, Brainwave to advantage in teh lapse of concentration and spun Gemma round, placing his hands on her head. She felt him invade her mind, her memories leaking into him. All her deepest fears were relived, all her mistakes flashed before her. All the moments she wasn't proud of. Then one image invaded their minds. The image of her sister, Emma.

Emma placed her hands on her temples and projected the image, the point of strength within her sister. That should keep them for the moment, she saw Emily, Seismic was going to smash her into the floor. She outstretched her had and as her sister came down, his own arms stopped. He was frozen. Slowly, maintaining focus, Emma approached him. She unsheathed the blades from her claw construct and finally, telekinetically moved Emily to the floor behind her. She broke her concentration and lunged at Seismic. He went to punch the ground but she stabbed his wrist and burried the claws in a wall, pinning his arm. He roared in agony and went to grab her but she kicked his hand away then retracted the claw and kicked his face. He was outcold. Emily had gotten back up and picked up her javelin. The threw it at Brainwave, impaling his foot. He shrieked and fell to the floor. The three sisters reunited.

That was when a wave of Clones came at them.

Norvon sent a jet of flames at Dart who dove out of the way. He punched Norvon in the gut which sent powerful energy ripples outwards. He punched him again, breaking ribs. Blood bubbled on Norvons lips.

Norvon suddenly placed his hand on Darts face and it began to steam as fire erupted there. A falcon came to collect him just as Emport grabbed Dart whose fingers clawed at the burns.

Meanwhile, Tyr charged at Scorcher and Phoenix. He tried to jump the chasm but couldn't reach the edge. As he was a bout to fall, he grabbed scorchers leg sending him and phoenix down into the rising lava. Phoenix burst into flames and tried fly up, heaving the pair with him. Tyr tried to clim up scorcher who kicked Tyr in the face. Tyr fell and Phoenix rose.

The chasm began to close. They just reached the surface as the ground closed up leaving a huge gash in the battlefield. However, the event had stopped the meteorite shower and Thor and Fenrir came towards them.

Fenrir was first, his run almost like a dog as he bounded towards Phoenix who flew up and sent a bolt of fire at him. It hit him in the chest but he still ran and leapt into the air, grabbing Phoenix's foot. Fenrir punched him in the face and stomach several times but each time he burnt his fist as Phoenix's flame scorched him. Phoenix managed to grab hold of his throat, instantly stopping him as he threw Fenrir at a bin. In anger, Fenrir got up and punched a wall. He grabbed a large chunk of it and threw it at Phoenix who blasted it with his power. He sent several more chunks before catching Phoenix who fell to the ground.

Thor punched the ground sending sparks of electricity into the air. Then he went to punch Scorcher who dodged. Scorcher went to punch him but Thor's punch met with his and the resulting shock sent Scorcher flying.

At the same time, Tank and Dreadnought had entered the fray and were causing havoc. Tank came charging over towards Scorcher. It took Scorcher a while to get up before he could react and immediately, the ground opened up and a volcano rose at the same time that the shockwave hit. Lava spewed from it and it was so huge, everybody dispersed. The battleground became sparse as the fights took place elsewhere. The volcano closed up, but the ground had risen into a large, steep hill.

The shockwave had sent Fenrir into the air and far away, Phoenix had flown out before it could hurt him.

Up on a skyscraper, silhouetted against the large, full moon, stood a man. He was tall with black hair and metallic, grey eyes. He had a midnight black costume on with silver stripes. He wore a mask over his eyes. Nightwish stared at the fights with a mixture of boredom and humour. Long he had been locked up in his library, reading books and writing essays. Now was the time to make his own legacy.

The End

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