Battle for Oceanus Part 4

All this time ive been talking to James, yet the moment i turn on the six o'clock news theres a huge battle going on in Oceanus...

"Whoah!" gasped James "Look at that Frank!"

"I am James, and im not interested... Im sick of this superhero stuff" I replied

"I so want to go!"


James just sunk down into his chair with his arms crossed, thinking id have the slightest bit of pity or something.

Suddenly the lights went out, i couldnt see a thing. Then they came back on about 5 seconds later and James had disappeared...

Theres only one place he would be.

I went out of my front door, and i saw him running towards the battle. I could see many of Warrior Falcons flocks flying in the air.

I caught him at one point, where the battle was a few streets away. The sun was starting to go down, it took me that long...

"James, you are not fighting in this battle okay!" I shouted at him, but before he could reply i shouted again "Your too young, you dont even know how to use your power fully and im not being responsable for another death..." Tears started to go down my face as i said that, Jennifer came to my mind.

"Fine... No need to cry about it, ill go home" James moaned


As i turned away, in the corner of my eye i noticed a familiar figure. It looked zombies, yet it was almost perfectly human.

"Necro..." I murmered to myself, rage building up inside.

Necro was just stood on a roof overlooking the battle, then all of a sudden, hordes of zombies poured from the rooftops.

I looked back to make sure that James was going home, and he was.

I drew my blades, and charged into the battle...

I went into the crowd of zombies, hacking and slashing. Making short work of them. But as i was fighting, i was noticing how they were a little bit more evasive. They seemed to be getting more and more intelligent.

I turned one hand into a hammer, and swept one zombie off his feet and into the air. Whilst he was in the air i used my blade and cut him in half. Both halves of his body hit the floor with a blood spreading splat.

I turned my other hand into a hammer, and then i crushed a zombies head by slamming both hammers together.

I turned my hands into blades again, whilst feeling the pain of the zombies pummeling me to death. I did a 360 spin cutting various limbs and bodies in half.

I ran up a wall, backflipped off and bodysurfed along the floor on a zombie whilst slashing random targets until it stopped sliding. I jumped off the body, and there was a zombie directly in front of me, i cut off his arms with parallel slices, and i scissor cut off his legs almost immediatly after, then whilst its body was falling to the floor i cut off its head with another scissor cut.

I looked up, and Necro was still on the roof of the building, and next to him, was Deflector. Deflector would make it impossible for anything to get to him until the moon rises. When the moon rises he would be un-killable.

I turn my hands into blades again. I stab a zombie in the stomach, and he grabs his gut and leans down. I roll along his back and then cut off his head.

I felt the ground rumble, then the ground cracked open and plants seemed to start growing. Vines grabbed the flying Falcons and crushed them entirely. The trees began to come alive and vines where grabbing people and throwing them around.

I heard laughing, a horrible laugh which could only come from one person...


She came out of the ground on a separate tree. With a bow made out of wood and arrows with poisonous thorns for tips. She shot into the air, killing falcons instantly with the poison. Scorcher burned anything she made, which angered her. Making her concentrate her arrows onto him. Again, Scorcher burnt the arrows before they could get to him. She grunted and vines came from the ground and grabbed him and held him still.

She was about to fire but a falcon swiped down at her knocking her off of her tree, and into the fight. I focused on the zombies again, killing lots of them with one swing due to their massive numbers.

Scorcher got back to fighting the Norsemen and i was continuing with my own fight.

As the sun went down and the moon visible in the now blacked out sky, Necro joined in for sure, with a second wave of zombies. Lead by the Ancestor.

As this second wave of zombies came in, there was more enemy reinforcements also. With the sudden disappearance of Jackhammer, who is most likely dead. They brought in two more front line fighters.

They stood next to each other, Tank and Dreadnought. Tank was just a huge man, muscles and short graying out hair. Whereas Dreadnought had shoulder length Blondie hair, didn't as much muscle, until he used his power.

Dreadnought grew incredibly tall. His head was just a few feet below the air battle, he could just swipe them out of the air with ease. Tank just charged in smacking the falcons, zombies and Death Parades out of the way. Suddenly, when he knocked one certain Death parade of his horse to be knocked onto the floor. The rest of the death parades seemed to have disappeared. Emport came out of nowhere and took him away before anyone could take advantage. Tank however, was just charging toward his first target, who i couldnt see.

I made eye contact with Necro, he smiled and drew his blades. He came at me, whilst Deflector jumped down with him but went her own way. He came at me with immense speed, and since his minions knew he was fighting me, they left us alone.

He did the usual moves, go for my head and then my stomach whilst im blocking. I made myself an extra two arms, and merged them into shields. Necro, a little shocked by this discovery, yet still didn't care, continued to attack me.

Dreadnought swung his arm, taking out an entire block of buildings. Scorcher summoned a volcano right in the middle of the battlefield, it didn't really kill anyone important, but it did a damn good job of clearing things up.

My attention focusing back onto the fight i was currently in.

I blocked his shots, thats all i could do really. Seeing as i couldnt really kill him.

I gave myself bat wings and took off into the skies. My attention focusing onto Dreadnought.

But instead of Dreadnought, i met someone else...

My Ancestor decided to grow wings and fight me in the air. Since he can only have one power at this moment in time, invulnerability wasn't going to be one of them. But he was still a better fighter than me. His arm was still a blade though, meaning he would be quite the challenge.

We flew into each other, blades clashing, sending us both flying backward. We go into each other again, he fought more along the lines of fast and inaccurate. But that would mean i couldnt get a shot in because id be blocking all the time.

Eventually he missed a shot, flying past me so i stabbed him in the back. He went down onto the ground and a thud. I thought i had won, but he got right back up.

He flew back up at me thinking he would win for sure. I blocked and kicked him in the face doing a backward roll. I cut off his blade arm, and grabbed his other one. I head butted him in his face and threw him into the volcano. It bubbled, and i didn't expect even him to survive that.

The volcano erupted, spreading lava everywhere. It went onto Dreadnought who was then shaking everywhere trying to get it off. I tackled Dreadnought in his face, making him fall backward onto the ground, clearing out yet more buildings. He got back up and tried to grab me.

In the midst of the lava flying everywhere, the Ancestor still lived, it was shocking to know that he could survive even that. I seemed to have pissed him off. He threw fireballs at me, his accuracy needed working on but they looked like they were pretty deadly when they exploded in mid air. He flew around me causing a vortex of flame. It burned my skin and my clothes began to burn. I turned my skin into a hard shell, i felt the heat but it weren't doing any major damage.

He then switched to ice, sending sharp ice shards at me. They cut through my skin and one pierced through my shoulder. I simply regenerated myself to heal the wound.

He dropped to the ground, fist hit the ground first. Sending many ice shards in various directions. He then hit the ground again, sending very cold ice winds everywhere. Freezing anything it touched. Scorcher was running around melting the ice off everyone.

The ancestor sent out a shock wave and stripped every house bare metal within a mile radius. It didn't kill alot of people, but they were mostly sent back a little bit or were lucky enough to not be sent into a building. Only Tank and Dreadnought and everyone in the sky remained unharmed.

The Ancestor took back to the skies, and we began fighting yet again. Sword to sword, it took great skill for either of us to get another successful hit. He smacked me to the ground, and it made a crater, he made the storm clouds gather above me, and was about to strike me with thunder.

As the lightning struck, it stopped, millimeters away from my face. Then sent right into the Ancestors face. He got sent flying back and this small guy in a suit that was blue with two lightning strikes down each side. Also had a yellow helmet, that every now and then, sparked electricity and a yellow cape with the same two yellow stripes.

He nodded at me and started fighting people as the Ancestor recovered and was coming back at me.

He started to pick up debris from the battlefield and hurled them at me. I turned my hands into hammers and smashed them.

You could see the frustration in the beady black eyes of the Ancestor. He charged directly at me swiping his sword, faster than before so i couldnt keep up. He cut my stomach and then my arm.

He went for my neck and then a meteor hit him head on. Ill have to thank Eric for that one later.

He put his hands together and thrusted them forward towards me. Then a jet of water came and pulverised my face. He then froze the water encasing me into ice. A fireball blasted to ice open and sent me to the ground.

He came to me on the ground, used the earth and a defensive barrier around his body and walked over to me slowly. He swung some rock at me, knocking me into a random direction. He threw me up into the air and crushed to rocks together with me in the middle.

I fell to the ground again, thinking of giving up.

Surely, this is a battle i can and will not win...

The End

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