Battle for Oceanus Part 3

Norvon pushed himself forward, the device whirred as if weakening. Gunslinger shot, hitting him in the stomach. Norvon fell to the floor. He walked over to the writhing figure who was sweating from exertion. His skin was pale, he was becoming limp. He pointed his gun, wondering if it was worth shooting him or just let him die slowly. Norvon got back onto his hands and knees. Gunslinger kicked him in the stomach so he rolled onto the device.

He put one hand on it and the device disintergrated. He burst into the air, had he absorbed it? With one sweep of the hand, he knocked several clones and Gunslinger back. He flew to the villain but Gunslinger reached into a pocket and threw a bola at him which caught around his torso and sent him to the ground. His whole left side was grazed by the impact and his stomach began bleeding heavily. Yet he got up, his energy sword in hand. Gunslinger through something on the floor, smoke billowed out. Norvon ran to follow but he was gone.

A Falcon swooped in and grabbed him, moving him behind the lines where several injured Falcons lay, "stay here till we can get you some help," he looked worried. They had only one healer who was engaged in aerial battle.

Suddenly a figure was bowed over him, "lie down, don't move, I'm going to stop the stem the blood flow!" Tom took off his jacket and was about to rip it.

"Tom, don't bother, I'll be back in a tic, just keep him concious!"

Rob disappeared as Tom stared at the wounded cop.

Moments later Rob reappeared with a stretcher, "We are going to need your medical expertise in this fight, you're going to have to stay behind again, is that ok?"

"I'm a healer, not a fighter... by choice," Tom muttered gravely.

"I understand, I'll leave two falcons to help bring in the wounded, they are to bring you to my base of operations under Walker Inc's foundations... there I have a supply of medical instruments and some high tech equipment... iy you're up to it, I'd like you to heal and keep tabs with what's happening, be the eyes and ear for this party so they can work as a team," Tom nodded, more than a slight trace of fear in his eyes. Two Falcons landed next to Tom and Rob and gently placed Norvon on the stretcher, flying off. Rob grabbed Tom and rushed him to the base. The main room was split in two, one side a med room the other a base of operations rammed with all sorts of high tech computers. Rob grabbed a head piece and handed it to Tom, "for now, you will be the eyes and ears," with that, Rob glowed purple again and disppeared as the two Falcons entered the room and placed Norvon on a gurney.

Tom quickly ran over to him with an encouraging look, "you're gonna be fine now," he sighed with relief as he glanced at the top-of-the-range equipment.

Runway ran faster than sound, pushing him through building after building till Jackhammer was way out of the action. Bree was close behind yet Runway continued to pick up speed. Soon, Jackhammers arms began to glow orange as the pure speed heated up the organic metal. He let out a cry of pain and attempted to flail which sent Runway off course. He stumbled and let go of Jackhammer who quick became and rolling mass behind him. He flipped over himself and felt a slight crack in his neck as the skidded for dozens of metres before hitting a building. He passed out quickly. Bree meanwhile caught up to Jackhammer who grunted in pain as he regained his feet. He saw Bree coming but couldn't react before she began pounding his face into a pulp. She changed her arms into swords but Jackhammer was ready, doing the same. Although she was superfast and could attack from several directions at once, Jackhammer had amazing power, she knew if she was hit she would probably die. She sped behind his back and stabbed him in the gut and he gargled ferociously, then span around, his blades making a huge whoosh. She just backed off before they caught her and summersaulted over his head, carving a nice slash on his cheek. But before he could turn and get a hold of her, she skidded under his open legs and plunged her arms into his stomach.

Jackhammer's eyes widened in pain and fear which he had not felt in a long time. But before Bree could gain the killing blow, Emport appeared, grabbed him and was about to vanish when she quickly took a hold of the pair to be taken away with them.

Shade went to hit Mime with the butt of his sword. He heard a whitsling in the wind and disappeared before the energy dagger could pierce his stomach. The blade carried on through the cloud of shadow and passed through Mime whose eyes bulged. He fell to the floor. There was no blood, the pure energy had cauterised the wound and left a thin hole in him. Bandit went to his side and turned him over. Mime's eyes were low, he already looked feverish, his white-makeup face sweating and blackened eyes crying so that the paint was washing away in a sickly grey that clashed with his already pale face underneath. Emport appeared and took him away.

Bandit glared angrily at Shade who had appeared once again. He created a dagger in his hand and advanced slowly towards him. He went to strike. Shade tried to parry but the energy cut right through the metal and sliced Shade in the chest. He then went to stab Shade in the heart but Shade clumsily dodged, his arm caught by the crackling energy so that his skin and blood bubbled on contact.

At that moment, Hunter leapt from the skies and fired an arrow at Bandit which caught in his arm and sent him spinning to the floor. Several clones came in for the kill but with immense speed and precision, he let loose a volley of arrows into the sky, a variety of fire, lightning and ice that rained on the attacking clones more that were still advancing fighting the Falcons. As a few got through, they got a combat knife each. Hunter pulled out his own dual knives, wrought in a strange, curved fashion.

One clone lunged but he deflected it, his blades in a scissor position then span round and slashed the clone in the chest and face. He ducked the next attack and uppercut the Clone. He knew someone stood behind him and kicked back, elbowing the man in the face and threw a blade at another clone. He leapt into the air onto the side of a building and dove into a crowd of clones sending them to the floor and knocking them unconcious. The last Clone, the squad leader, fired his gun. Hunter rolled away from the fire and jumped up, then ran full pelt. He leapt into the air and gored the leader so they were on the floor. The leader span him round and punched him in the face with one hand, the other fumbling for the combat knife. Before he could get it in timem Hunter pulled the leader towards him and headbutted him in the forehead which instantly bled. He then flipped him over his head and as the man began to fall, through his other blade which made contact.

The two Falcons landed next to Shade and carried him off.

Hunter breathed heavily and took his hand away from the large gash he had been hiding that ran the length of his arm.

The End

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