Battle for Oceanus Part 2

Buster and Shade sliced their way through the Death Parade who had broken the initial wall of Falcons and massacred them, now they were retreating to attack the second wall which had been quickly mustered by Warrior Falcon who now contiuned to lead his Falcons against the airborne clones.

Illusionist appeared behind Shade.

The surrounding people found themselves in a peaceful meadow, alone.

"I need your help Shade," a voice called to him from the sky, "I need you to take me to Chaos, I need to keep him out of this fight," Shade nodded abruptly and the image faded. He grabbed hold of illusionist and the two emerged before a surprised Chaos who was inflicting insanity upon everyone he could see.

Illusionist placed a hand on his forehead. He felt a jolt of pain as the shattered mind sent jolts of insanity through his own mind. If he managed to survive this fight, he knew he would never be the same.

Chaos lay in the corner of the room, the familiar straitjacket wrapped him up like a christmas present. He stood up awkwardly and looked outside the bars were a guard stood. The face emerged from the shadows and it was Illusionist. He was about to make him hurt when he felt his mind ripped from his position and he was alone in a dusty wasteland. He cast his thoughts out and sensed a person was nearby. He focused on the being and sent waves of piercing thought towards it, for a moment, the wasteland flickered, then suddenly the figure appeared again and he was standing solitary in a forest.

Shade found himself now upon a clifftop. He stepped of the edge and the lurch of fear tore him from the illusion. He knew that to step near or even see Illusionist would bring you to an illusion to protect himself.

So he found himself behind enemy lines. Right in front of hims stood Bandit, avoiding conflict, whilst Mime seemed to be creating a telekinetic arsenal of weaponry. Shade coughed and the two stared at him. Two of his old enemies whilst part of Nova's group.

Bandit gave him a crooked smile and disappeared, Mime hurled an invisible lassoo at him. He disappeared into the shadow and reappeared before Mime, attacking with one of his swords. Mime unsheathed his own invisible one just as the blade came to his face. A vibration ran through Shade's blade as the sheer force of will struck it. Suddenly a dagger of pure energy came at him through the air. He would have to really try now. He disappeared constantly, reappearing to attack Mime and the occasionally visible bandit. The two were so disconcerted that he began to gain the upperhand. He caught Mime of guard and placed the sword to his throat.

Norvon, Phoenix and Scorcher pushed through the no-mans land, halfway through amongst the clones they came across the Norsemen and Dart. Dart stared at Norvon with interest, "I know your friend... Talyn," he chuckled, "how was he after I kicked his ass?" Norvon grunted and erupted in flames, Phoenix joined him and took to the air whilst Scorcher stepped back and pointed to the skys. Small meteorites began falling on the Norsemen who tried to dodge the little pellets.

Phoenix rushed for Dart just as Norvon shot several bolts of flame at him. Dart easily dodged them both and thrusted his hands towards Talyn. The whole ground around him began to crumble and he was sent toppling backwards. Scorcher tackled the distracted Dart and was about to punch him when he heard Scorcher shout. Tyr walked casually towards him, the meteorites bouncing harmlessly off his skin. Phoenix flew to Tyr and began circling him, creating a vortex of fire. Whilst flying however, Tyr reached out his hand and plucked Phoenix mid-air. He threw him at Scorcher and got out his broadsword. He roared his battlecry and charged at the pair. Scorcher placed his hand on the ground and it opened up. Lava began bubbling up quickly to the surface as Tyr came close to them.

Whippet sent his whip up to a traffic light and swung himself across the space right infront of Swarm. Before Swarm could react, he sent the whip to bind his legs and tripped him up then used it to bind the arms, the other whip curling round his face so that he couldn't use his powers.

A bolt of lightning struck him in the side and he went flying with his weapons across the gap into the waiting arms of Fallen Angel who grabbed his face. Whippet screamed in agony as she placed her lips on his.

Monsieur Mort stepped into the fray. From the darkness of a building, hundreds of dead bodies and statues began to stumble through the army of attacking Parade and Clones. The Falcons were quickly being overrun on the ground and in the air. Several Zombies reached the Falcons, beating harmlessly at their shields, but when the statues finally reached the line, they smashed through the shields, breaking bones with each impact. The line broke and the ground troops ceased their defense and ran at the clones and Parade and zombies with their spears. They hovered in the air, attacking from every possible way, all pretense of preserving life was lost as they jabbed at the Clones.

And yet... The heros were losing.

The End

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