Battle for Oceanus Part 1

The Death Parade galloped forwards, black robed with swords raised in the air, glinting in the sun. They got closer and closer to the assembled heros. The Falcons flew down with their spears and the two sides clashed.

Jackhammer quickly joined the fray, turning his arms into flails, he spun round in a devastating circle, knocking out several of the Falcons and the Parade.

The clones overtook the Death Parade who began to circle back for another attack. They fired their guns at the group who attempted to dodge the bullets. Several Falcons flew down and placed their enhanced shields in front of the heros as a protective wall. A legion of Clones took to the air to fight the Falcons who engaged them in melée.

Gemma got back up and grew, her wolf regaining size with the bow too. She mounted the wolf and rode into the chasing throng of the parade. She swatted aside their weak sword strikes with her own sword and came closer to the enemy line, Emily close behind her. Jackhammer took out more Falcons before reaching the frontline. Here he was met by Bree who ran towards him with incredible speed. She waited till the timing seemed right before ducking underneath the flail and punched him. He continued to spin and his arms caught her in the face and she toppled backwards. His arm turned into a sword and he was about to strike when there was a thunderous punding of footsteps and Runway smashed into him, sending him flying.

Ryu remained at the back, his form slowly glowing through the ring he wore on his finger. The rest of the heros and villains were already taking part in the fight, attacking their opponents cannon fodder.

Gemma reached the enemy and shot an arrow at Brainwave. The arrow would have struck but he saw her ready to shoot, manipulating a Falcon into diving in the way of it. Meanwhile Emily's shimmering form burst through the Death Parade to be met with the hulking form of Seismic who punched the ground, making her fall.

She stumbled to her feet and got out her javelin. She went to strike him but as she came near he jumped and the ground trembled. She forced her way forward. As she got near him, he went to punch her. She dodged his fist which sent made a whooshing noise as it passed her face. With a flick of the wrist she knocked the javelin into his wrist and jabbed. It caught his side but he didn't notice the pain and smacked her in the cheek, knocking her to the ground. He grabbed her limp frame, ready to break her in two.

There was a haze of scarlet in the air. Thick tendrils that flew to the ground and formed into a person. Virus looked on the fight with a sadistic smile. His arms changed into dual blades and he sliced several people in half, consuming them. Ryu saw him and leapt into the sky, flying right for him. He cupped his hands and stored the rings power into a ray of energy that flew for Virus. It hit him square in the chest and left a hole there. The purple tendrils knitted themselves back together and he smiled again. His arm turned into a whip which struck Ryu in the shoulder. He cried in pain but the wound healed itself.

"This may be fun," Virus muttered.

Gunslinger moved from Swarms side. He couldn't let other people have all the fun.

He took out his two pistols and pushed his way through the death Parade who were making another surge through the Falcons Phalanx.

Gunslinger shot wildly, bullets ricocheting of their shields. He aimed a bullet that pierced a Falcon's shoulder. His guard dropped leaving a clear line of sight to the hero behind him... Talyn. He shot, but the bullet seemed to disintergrate in the air. Then a bolt of energy came at him and as he dodged, Talyn charged at him with a blade of energy. This was way to much hand to hand for Gunslinger. He dropped a device on the floor and as Talyn came near him, it beeped and erupted. Unseen tentacles gripped the hero who tried to fight them off.

"They are attracted to energy, and since that seems to be your power... unlucky," he guffawed and aimed the gun.

The witches took to the air, spreading a dread throughout the Falcons and Clones. They shot spells of dark energy at the odd strong willed people so that they plummeted like rain to the ground. Three people rose into the air by Levi, Syphon, Aura and Detonate. The witches cackled in unison until Detonate pointed at them. The air exploded hurling them back. They all sneered and the three apprentices began chanting. Sensing some evil, Detonate pointed again but the Witch of Warsaw smiled malicously and the energy blast rebounded off some invisible wall.

The air grew dark and cold.

"Prepare to meet your doom," she began laughing wildly.

The End

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