Meanwhile on the streets...

"HA HA HA HA HA!" Seismic laughed hysterically. He leapt off the building, pounding the floor sending waves of seismic energy out, crumpling the building, "you were right Brainwave, this is so fun!"

"Indeed, with the city's heros incapacitated by the law, we can rule the streets now!" he looked over the millions of terrified citizens and spread malicous thoughts to each one. In moments, they began fighting each other like wild animals.

Men in dark suits carrying semi-automatics began firing at their rival Superhuman counterparts. The streets were a sprawling mess of chaos.

Yet from nowhere seemingly, a woman rode in on a large silver wolf. She hefted her bow into the air and pulled seemingly invisible arrows from her satchel that only appeared as they neared the string.

She fired at Brainwave who did not see her coming. Before it could pierce his heart, he fell to the ground but the wolf was on him. At such a close range however, he concentrated on her mind and the dark-blonde haired woman gazed at him with her green eyes, a look of fear in them.

He had her enthralled, slowly he ate at her mind, feeding off her emotions.

"Hold it sister, you're not leaving me yet!" the other woman with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes seemed to glow. Around her appeared an thin aura. She held a javelin in her right hand which also glowed. She threw it now, hitting Brainwave in the shoulder. He screamed in agony. The blonde woman pulled back her bow again and prepared to shoot, "GEMMA!" she turned to see a Seismic leaping towards he. She kicked her wolf and rode off as fast as she could but the wave caught her and sent her and her wolf flying. The wolf reverted to a teddy, the bow to a small model and the woman to a young teen.

Emily ran to her side.

She would be fine, though she was a little injured.

There were muffled thumps all around her. Emily looked up to see a variety of Superhumans. Leading them was a tall, gangly man with black her and cold grey eyes.

"You may have heard of me, I am Swarm," he smiled, "prepare to taste the power of my group," Emily recognised most of them. There was the three Norsemen; Thor, Tyr and Fenrir. There was the Witch of Warsaw and three of her apprentices, Perlectrocution, Death Parade, Emport, Gunslinger, Monsieur Mort, Highwayman, Jackhammer, Mime, Bandit, Chaos, Dart and Fallen Angel, she knew these from the database that Phase had collated "these are my chosen elite for the upcoming invasion, it's just a shame that there are only two of you, I would quite enjoy a good fight about now-"

There was a noise behind the two girls. Suddenly, from the side of the skyscraper appeared a group of men and women.

"You didn't think we came without helpers did you?" Emily smiled, she felt Gemma stir before her.

First came some of Illusionists group. Leading them was Illusionist himself followed by Syphon and Aura, Detonate and Levi. Then Buster and Shade from the Shadow Guild and Runway, Scorcher and Phoenix who had defected from the Thieves Guild. Warrior Falcon, Ryu, Whippet, Bree, Norvon and Talyn.

Finally, there was the frenzied beatings of wings and the pulse of footsteps as several Falcon Flocks appeared and legions of Swarms clones behind him.

"Hahaha," Gunslinger smiled, "everyone pick a person and let's begin."

"I'll take them all!" Death Parade shouted and in moments, there were hundreds of oh black-robed figures on horses holding swords.

The Battle for Oceanus had begun

The End

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