Tom: Broken

The door slammed shut. I rushed to the hall to see Shift rush by, his face a tortured mask of grief, "hey dude... you ok?" he didn't seem to hear me and went down into his lab. I was about to follow him when I heard something on the TV.

"Police are urging Superhumans to refrain from using their powers after last nights violent attack on Central Square seen by footage caught by a witness..." the TV showed a trail of golden light rushing through the clouds, "...although the identity of the person is unkown, the police's lead suspect is self-proclaimed ex-hero Supernova who hasn't been seen since the St Augustus incident nearly 9 years ago. As a result, police are enforcing strict measures to prevent reoccurances and to protect the citizens of Oceanus. They warn that any display of power 'will be met with hostility' such act before questioning tactics begs to question, just how much have Superhuman/human relationships plummeted and what lies ahead?"

I rubbed my face, sighing, "geez Matt, what's happened to you?"

I got up and switched the TV off.

I hadn't spoken to my brother in 2 months, that was when he'd cocked up during a save, after that he didn't want to be seen by anybody. he even went as far as to threaten me with outing me to the hospital. As far as the hospital went, since the whole debacle, I was too scared to return. Worried that what had been perceived as my earlier prominence in surgery may now be considered as an over extraodinary feat and be met with severity. Suffice to say, I had taken an extended leave of absence on the grounds of family issues. That was true enough. Now, I was waiting for things to blow over, but the more things escalated, the more I couldn't see that happening.

A figure appeared with a flash of purple. Rob entered my room, I hadn't seen him since the whole armageddon thing.

"How can I help you?" he stiffened at my tone, then smiled politely.

"I'm not here to steal stuff if that's what you're thinking," he laughed to himself, then sat down.

"By all means make yourself at home," I chided, he ignored me.

"I think we've let this problem of your brother go on too long now..." he paused for a moment to see my reaction, I nodded for him to continue, "...we have to snap him outta his depression, he's reverting," he carried on angrily, "he's gambling, drinking, going from woman to woman and he doesn't care about himself anymore. Last night he got himself thrown out of a bar for making out with the Landlords wife!"

"Have you been watching him?" I asked.

"Course I have, he's part of my team whether he wants to be right now or not... I had to keep tabs on him to prevent him doing somethings he'd regret and last night, I couldn't get to him in time. I should have seen it coming!" I could do nothing but shake my head.

"Why did he take Shade's betrayal so badly? It affected me too, I was bummed out afterwards but-"

"You've never been depressed before.. your brother has. The thing with it is, once you've sunk real low, it's easy to fall back at any time when you're recovering... and it takes a long timet to recover... you remember the St Augustus Incident right? I know he didn't tell you what happened, but you remember how depressed he was afterwards and then he was training for the police and he'd met Vixen. And now, with Vixen leaving him, with you nearly getting killed by Shift, with the betrayal and losing his best friend and to some extent, his alienation from you, this accident has pushed him over the edge. We need to get Hunter and Vixen and we need to go talk to him," I nodded and got up.

"What did happen happen at St.Augustus?"

"I'll tell you about it some time... or better yet, ask Hunter. He was there."

We reached Matts apartment with Hunter and Vixen. It was a mess like usual, nothing had been cleaned. Plates lined the sink, several were smashed around the walls. There were ready meal boxes lying about and loads of beer bottles. On the sofa sat Matt, his knees to his chest, his head on his knees. He had a glazed look on his bloodshot eyes.

"Matt... we came to talk," I muttered.

He looked at me then and I didn't know what to expect.

What I didn't expect was for his hand to glow gold and a bolt of energy come flying at me. It hit the wall and blew up.

"GET OUT!" he yelled and got up, trying to push us out the door. Rob didn't budge and pushed Matt down onto the sofa. He fell onto it and didn't stir. His eyes watered.

"We're not going till we've talked and you've listened," Rob insisted. He rubbed his eyes with his hands violently, his teeth gritted.

"God, he really broke you didn't he..." I gasped.

The End

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