Shift: Family

I was flying back, sadness completely overwhelming me so i had to stop. I landed into a forest so i could let out my anger and grief.

I was there for probably an hour or two, attacking everything in sight. Then i decided i had better get back, i had something to do.

On the way home, i couldnt help but think of Jen. She was my last real family member, the only person who understood me fully. As i got back home, i went straight into my lab. Behind the test tubes was a door, yet another passcode locked door.

I really needed to find another way for that. Every single door in this place is passcode locked, and each one has a different passcode.

As i opened the door, i shut it behind me quietly.

I walked down a corridor. Along the walls of this corridor, was pictures of my family. Me and Jen when we were just kids, stood in front of our parents. Its been so long i forgot what my parents look like. Let alone my grandparents.

I went through an automatic door into a metal plated room. The metal plates were are light gray colour and there was tables with dead bodies on them. This is where i experimented on various things.

Walking through there I then come up to yet another room, and in this room was a young boy.

He wasnt just any young boy though. James Sumner could control electricity. Create it, manipulate it, control it. He had complete mastery of it.

He was practicing his aim at some targets, he was a very accurate shot.

When he saw me he walked over to me. Looked me in the eye awkwardly.

"Hey" he said

"Hey... son..." I replied

The End

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