Matt: The Accident

As the man died, the shadows seemed to move all around us. A force so powerful pulled the darkness into one spot that took the form of a man. It was Shade, and I immediately felt waves of hatred build up inside me.

Takashi backed off for a moment, there was no fear, but he was wary.

"Shade... so they send you."

"I do not want to do this, but my alleigance is to the Guild, and if the Emperor wishes it, it shall be done," he looked gravely at Takashi who nodded.

"You understand I will not bow to death, even your gentle hand old friend," a flicker of a smile flashed across Shade's face.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he muttered.

He moved quickly, disappearing in the shadows. To the quick eye, his movement could be tracked, but even the quickest eyes could never tell which way he would come from.

He appeared and struck and Takashi just managed to block. He countered, his blade deflected with ease as Shade forced him backwards. Pretty soon, Takashi's face began to sweat with the effort, Shade remained emotionless.

"Plastic," he grunted through the strain. His blade grew immensely and he struck back, almost snapping Shade's blade in two. Shade disappeared and struck behind then, slicing his sword arm before disappearing and swiping at his leg. The blade stood poised at Takashi's throat.

"My heart cries for you Takashi," he muttered, "I will make this quick."

I couldn't stand here and do nothing. The rage built up until I was running full pelt for Shade. He seemed to sense me coming and moved slightly to right so that I fell to the ground. I got up but I couldn't see him. I felt someone behind me and turned. I made to punch him but he dodged it. I tried to grab him but he became black smoke in my hands.

"You killed all those people, you tricked me and led me to believe I was your friend!" I screamed at the top of my lungs after realising I wouldn't catch him.

He sighed, "I apoligise. You have potential, and you are strong enough, but you lack the emotional maturity to progress and I fear that I acted too soon," my face went red at his insult. I felt my anger bubble inside me, I felt it scream to be let out. The pain of it made my stomach churn and I had to crouch.

I sprung from the position, my body went rigid, arms out legs apart. I felt the golden energy of a star erupt from me in a nova. Buildings were vaporised, cars destroyed, there was a crater under my feet but I remained in the air, bellowing, my throat sore. Flames were everywhere. I looked about me but there was nobody around. I felt horrified.

In fear, I fell to the ground and put my head in my hands. Sirens were approaching, I had to leave.

I leapt into the air, my lower body erupting in golden light as I flew through the skies, away from that place.

The End

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